New Periyava blog by Sri Parasu Gopalan

Sri Parasu reached out to me recently about his blog on Mahaperiyava and wanted to be shared in our blog for better visibility. Here is his intro and the link to the blog. I have not gone through the blog myself fully but I see that he has given links to our Sri Matam etc.



By Quoting Shri Adi Shankara Bhagwatpada  ‘Meditate -Tell Others also to Meditate’,  Mahaperiava gives a Clarion call in his magnum opus ‘Deivathin Kural’.   In this blog Parasu Gopalan, who is an avid meditator himself, examines the  relevance of Paramacharya’s call in modern times.  How the current generation  can benefit from meditation is very well elucidated. As a bonus, the blog also contains an embedded audio rendering of the  entire corresponding Chapter from ‘Deivathin Kural’ translated in English.  Follow this link to read the entire blog

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  1. Please ask Mr.Parasu to update that Mahaperiyava is 68th Peetadhipadhi of Kanchi and not 64.

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