Haircut/Shaving/Tonsure Guidelines

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – A simple article advising the good times for doing haircut/shaving/tonsure and when not to do. It takes into account all the three factors Thithi, Week day and the Star. Thought I would share this useful info. from Shastras.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Pattu Sastrigal for the compilation and Shri R. Sridhar for the translation. Rama Rama

Timings of Vapanam – Need to be done early in the morning and not beyond noon. Even noon needs to be avoided. Earlier the better.


Timings of Vapanam – Need to be done early in the morning and not beyond noon. Even noon needs to be avoided. Earlier the better.

These details are extracted from the books, Synopsis of Dharma Shastra by Mylapore Shri R. Krishnamoorthy Sastrigal and also another book Kaalavidhaanam. Further the actual practise, now being followed, has also been taken into consideration while compiling the above details.

In respect of tonsure and shaving the head, we have been checking only the Thithi and Vaaram. In the Kaalavidhaanam, it is said that we should see the ‘star’ also and hence it is included here.

These are just rules for tonsures, in general. But for further intricate details for special occasions, you have to go through relevant books or seek the advice of experts on this matter.

But if the of tonsure, which is due to theetu on death in a family, falls on a Friday, then the tonsure should be done on the previous day itself. But if the news is received only on a Friday, then it should be done on the next day.

If there is any discrepancy in this matter, I request you to kindly let me have the details with proper proof (for correction).

Pattu Sastrigal

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  1. Well. This small article seems to have evoked a lot of discussions. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that these instructions were laid down when the Brahmanas were following the Vaideeka Dharma. As suggested by Balaji, Vapanam means full shaving of head and beard. Today hair-cut, shaving, beard-trimming are different acts. In the present day of Globalization, and when most of the Brahmins not following the Vaideeeka Dharma, to what extent we can follow these regulations is a moot point.
    My suggestion is try to absorb such rules as much as possible, without hurting (physically and mentally) yourself.
    Ultimately, all these regulations are meant to take us on the Spiritual Path.

  2. The time for Vapanam is after 2 hr 24 mins after sunrise (Sangava Kaalam), for India – we can take this. For places where daytime is much lesser, consult your Sastriga who is nearby.

    Must be done with the head facing East.

    Rama Rama

  3. Namaste,
    Thank you for sharing this. I was trying to follow this diligently while doing shaving only and also for haircut whenever applicable as I am an office goer. We also have 3 males in the house, so haircut on same day needs to be avoided. I was not aware that Prathamai, Astami, Navami and Chathurdasi were to be avoided.
    Also for Nakshatras, I was told to avoid only birth Star. Other Stars were not considered bad. Will try to also add that to my list. I follow the same rules for nail cutting also.
    One problem though is avoiding Sunday’s as that is the only day that we can take kids or self for haircut. Dont know how to avoid Sunday. We usually do on Sunday’s when Thithi permits.
    As an adult, I avoid shaving regularly on daily basis. Only when conditions are met I shave.

  4. It is a bit difficult to satisfy the three variants (Thiti, Varam & Nakshatra). Also there seems to be a condition that one should shave once a week. Pithru tharpana days, Srardha day(technically one fortnight!!), Mahalaya paksham, When wife is pregnant, until the Janana asoucham is done with (until 11days after the child birth) and in aoucham associated with death etc are to be avoided.

  5. But coming to the highest state of Evolution amongst most of Today’s generation…{ believed to be the ULTIMATE liberated JANMA …that kulavrukshas’ ancestors’ rebirth….
    to FIT to be THe helping of Hand of Shrishti karta…these disciplened norms may vary…
    Vishishta Advaitham…state of evolution…. wouldn’t Even disturb one’s Guru’….
    The twisted Wisdom in These souls… have to play safe too…b’ cos their lives are governed by the GALAX-SEAz…
    Which is presently going through a Stormy Phase..
    Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.,
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti hi…

  6. Sai Garu, that’s nice info for people who did not know about these.

    As far as I know, ‘Vabanam’ means tonsuring the head along with mustache and beard at one shot, mostly practised by Saints and Sages. The above content did not clarify the doubt of only Shaving of mustache or beard of present generation office goers.

    Secondly, I am told by a veteran Pandit that these things must be completed before noon (This was also not addressed).

    Well, I am not dragging in trouble, but the intention of creating more awareness to the visitors of this pious blog. Keep educating us Duo!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara…..

    • The sastras also say one should not sport only a mustache – either bearded on clean shaven. How many follow this today? All I see these days is profile pictures of people proudly sporting mustaches but busy giving free advice on Sanatana dharma to all and sundry from their lofty perch… An ounce of practice is better than a ton of theory as they say…

      • Sri Lakshmanan, would you please clarify whom you are commenting? Is it Sri Sai (for the article) or me (for my comments)?

        I did not give any advice in my comment whereas I asked more clarifications for the benefit of others.

        Sri Sai garu was indeed spreading some good info among the readers of this blog.

        May I know what is your problem?

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  8. Thanks. Good information. Please also enlighten the rules regarding madi.

    The points of doubts are:

    1) Whether madi vasthram can be drenched in water before one takes bath and the wet cloths are dried and taken on the next day after taking bath?

    2) or madi vasthram should be drenched in water only after taking the bath and following the steps as in 1 above?

    3) Whether the Madi vashthram can be kept for more than 1 day in the cloth stand for drying and whether can that be used after 2 or 3 days?

    4) What is the rules to be followed during the madi after observing all these above, person have to attend to nature”s calls?


  9. I need to know when can we do Finger and Toe Nail cutting ?. Are the above mentioned rules, also applicable for Nail cutting ?. Kindly clarify.

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