Free book on Mahaperiyava Stotra to help start anusham puja

Mahaperiyava Graham Salem is offering free book on Mahaperiyava to help devotees start anusham puja at their residences. Please contact the number in the image for further details.

Thanks to Sri Rajapress for the FB share,

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. Namaskaram sir,

    Yes sir wanted to do pooja and started doing for 5 months.. Though i’m not an expert in doing poojas but reading only
    asthora namavali (downloaded from site) on anusham day.. can you pl send me photo and book for me.

    5/2 arihant apartment
    k.v.colony 4th ,west mamabalam,
    chennai 600 033


      we dont have to be an expert in doing puja -sastrigals are – we are not!!! That’s ok, to do puja for Mahaperiyava, bakthi is needed – nothing else….in the above link, click on the language of your choice and read each one by one….if you dont have time for any of that, just do shuklambharadharam, read dhyanam, avahanam section, and skip everything else ( you can replace all of them by asanam kalpayami, bhaathyam kalpayami etc) and when abhishekam stage comes, take a flower, dip in water and do prokshanam (sprinkle) on Mahaperiyava photo/vigraham etc and put fresh Sandhanam and kungumam and go straight to ashtothram – just read what is in the material and do dhoopam (oothupathi), dheepam and do a neiveidhyam and do namaskaram and end it. that’s all – should not take more than 20-25 mts to do all these….

      Just start it and Mahaperiyava will guide you….

  2. Dear sir,
    Is the book available in English or Kannada language? If it costs also okay.

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