Sahasradala Padma Aradhana – Chicago – March 7th

Similar to the event that was conducted recently in Chennai, KKSF is organizing this event to bring all children on this day across all centers to chant slokas to Sri Periyava via video conferencing. March 7th is also the 2nd aradhana for Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal. Puja to His holy padhukas will be done followed by this event.

All are welcome.

Please find below detailed announcement from KKSF, USA about the upcoming Sahasradala Padma Aradhana function to be held on Saturday March 7, 2020, starting 8 AM at Sant Nirankari Mission, 1S750, IL Rt. 59, Warrenville, IL 60185. Children of all ages will have an opportunity to recite twelve shlokas in the presence of His Holiness through a live webcast. KKSF Midwest Chapter is conducting training sessions in preparation for this event.

Program will include (all times shown below are start times):

7:45 AM – Assembly for Aradhana Puja
8:00 AM – Guru Vandanam, Swasthi Vachanam, MahaGanapathi Puja
8:30 AM – Punyahavachanam, Guru Puja including Shri Rudrabhishekam, Shivaradhana, Shri Bhavathpada Puja, Shri MahaSwami Puja, Shri Periyava Puja
8:30 AM – Assembly of all Sahasradala Padma Aradhanam participants (see separate email with details)
9:00 AM – Sahasradala Padma Aradhanam, with live webcast with His Holiness Kanchi Shankaracharya PujyaShri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamiji and other KKSF centers – including Poornakumbham reception, Swasthi Vachanam, chanting of shlokams, Thotakashtakam, and Anugraha Bhashanam by His Holiness
12:30 PM – Chaturveda Parayanam, Upachara Puja
12:50 PM – MahaMangala Harathi, Prasada Viniyogam, followed by Lunch

ALL ARE WELCOME and there is no registration fee. 

For additional Questions, Please feel free to contact us via email at SDPA.Midwest (at) gmail (dot) com (please include your contact number) and one of our Volunteer-Coordinators will contact you.

Kanchi Shankara Kamakoti Shankara !!

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  1. Could there be live streaming of the functions?


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