Bagavadpadhal vigraham available for no cost

Those who are interested in doing whatever little puja at home (dont worry – Sri Sarmaji will teach you what to do!) on every sukhla Panchami thithi for Adi Acharya, please contact the phone number below to secure a vigraham of Adi Acharya. Act Fast

One of the greatest services to Adi Sankara!

Million thanks to Sri Sarmaji.

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  1. Namaskaram Shri. Mahesh. Please share the number to get Bagavadpadhal vigraham available for no cost. Kindly, share the number.

  2. Can i also get this Pagavadpadhal Vigraham, Badri Narayanan Bangalore 9740356616

  3. Namaskaram. Sree Gurubhyo Namaha !!!

    My request: It will be good that Sri Sarma Sastrigal arrange for informing Sukla
    Panchami thithi of Adi Sankarar during the year 2020 for doing Acharya Pooja on
    that date by the devotees and mentioning in this site so that devotees at large
    will take note of this and without fail, adhere to perform Shri Adi Sankarar
    Bhagavathpada Pooja at their place/home. Namaskaram .

  4. I want bhagavathpadal vigraham how to get this

  5. In my previous comment, some errors occured because of the ‘auto correct’ feature of Android.

    1. Replace ‘able to’ to ‘unable to’
    2. Replace ‘spokesman swaroopam’ to ‘sukshma swaroopam’.
    3. Change ‘had needs’ to ‘has needs’.
    4. Change ‘store’ to ‘stotra’.

  6. A word of caution! When a pooja is started for a Murthy, the pooja may require avahanam, some archanai and neivedhyam. It should then continue without break! When the pooja performer is close to a position of able to continue, then he should transfer the Murthy to another, preferably his own santhathi to continue because the Murthy swaroopam exists in the Murthy and had needs in its spokesman swaroopam. If that need is not fulfilled, it may be in anguish which would manifest in the succeeding generations. Please bear this in mind before taking up on pooja. There is no harm in merely having the idol in the house, particularly, in a ‘kolu’ alangaram. I would also add that performing minimum swadharma (such as sandhyavandanam and some stores chanting regulary) will be far more valuable. Disregard to swadharma but taking on the pooja may not be of much value!

    That is my two cents worth!

  7. mahesh anna i did not get any number-bhagavathpoada vigraham.

  8. i stay in Hyderabad. IS there a chance for me to get?

    • Call that number and ask them

      • Namaskaram Maheshji. Please can you share the number yo contact for Pagavadpadhal Vigraham. Myself Mrs. Shanthi Vaidyanathan from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Also, is there any possibility for getting Maha Periayava Padhuka. Kindly, reply at your convenience.

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