Experience with Mahaperiyava by Sri Vizhinathan mama

Mama needs no introduction. Like so many of you I am addicted to listening to mama’s speech no matter on what topic. His delivery style is the most simplistic in nature – no extra fluff, very precise, his brilliant comparison to Lord Rama to Mahaperiyava and last but not the least his command over Sanskrit language and the way how says slokas…Even though I don’t understand any Sanskrit, I love listening… Since he is very brief  in explaining, he is always able to cover more incidents in a short time. in this 22 Mts, he covered so many incidents. Since he practically lived with Mahaperiyava, there are at least hundreds of more experiences that he knows that we have not heard.

Don’t miss!

Thank you mama!

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  1. I did not realize that there has been a debate going on here 🙂 Women – particularly the interviewer dressing up is not unusual globally. It never bothered me. The only thing it bothered me is the quality fo the questions. I wish she could ask some more non-generic questions to be more relevant.

    Sri Balaji emailed me that he is unable to post a reply due to some technical error.

  2. பேட்டி எடுக்கும் பெண்மணி இவ்வளவு ஆடம்பரமாக இருக்க வேண்டுமா, அதுவும் mahaperiava அனுபவங்கள் குறித்து பேசுகையில்?

    • ஸங்கரா…….. ஸ்வாமி உங்கள் கண்கள் அந்த பெண்மணியிடமா இருந்தது?

      நாங்கள் எஙகள் கண்களையும் காதுகளையும் விழிநாதன் மீது மட்டுமே அல்லவா வைத்திருந்தோம். எவருக்கு எது தேவையோ அதுதானே கிட்டும். மன்னிக்கவும், கோளாறு உங்கள் பார்வையில்தானே தவிர அந்த பெண்மணியிடம் அன்று.

      பெரிவா சரணம்

      • Mahaperiyawa saranam. There is nothing wrong in passing a comment about the interviewer by Shri Ramasubramanian as every one including Shri Balaji has to have a glimpse of the interviewer at the start of the interview and so also in between when she alone is shown. May be we can work on other tabs and hear only the words of the experienced persons, similar to what i used to do, but even then in order not to miss exhibits, if any, shown by the experienced person during his audio speech, one has to toggle during which period again distraction like what Shri Ramasubramanian said happens. He does not have any “eye sight problem…. கோளாறு உங்கள் பார்வையில்தானே தவிர” as sarcastically commented by shri Balaji albeit i do not know either of them. Unnecessary posing in public media distracts and defeats the very purpose of program. All viewers are not saints but they love to hear about Mahaperiyawa.

        Even with full bakthi, distraction always happen to human beings when viewing TV or youtube etc. For example, the physical mannerism and unnecessarily stretching a 5 minutes message to 15 minutes by ‘beating the bush approach of repeatedly saying a single sentence with so many permutation and combinations’ etc etc by people like Shri P. Swaminathan on TV/Youtube made many people not to watch those program at all.

        The interviewer and speaker should also deliver what is really needed (like what Shri Ganesha sharma or Dr Vizhinathan does) but not to create negative feeling even though they like There is no second opinion about the vast knowledge of Dr Vizhinathan and for that reason whomsoever had interaction with Mahaperiyawa – all are blessed. Your comment “எவருக்கு எது தேவையோ அதுதானே கிட்டும். ” is very bad in taste. I am sorry for passing like this.

        Mahaperiyawa saranam. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Har Sankara.

      • [On behalf of Balaji]

        Attn: Dr R Suresh:

        While I was only trying to insist to focus on the speaker (his speech, to be precisely) not other things, I wonder how people are more defensive in their stand of wrongdoing and supporting such things.

        Let me recall the example of how Arjuna was told to view only the Mango, not any other things in Mahabharatam. You are free to choose other things and that eventually lead to negative results (may be one think it correct). I still reiterate that what you think in your mind repeatedly, you get only the same. This is the reason why I said, எவருக்கு ‘எது தேவையோ அதுதானே கிட்டும்’. In other words, ‘Sankalp se siddhi’

        When you drive on the road, there are so many things come across and might distract you too. Would you focus on the road traffic movement or such vain things. Again, a ‘Stri’ cannot be commented for her decent dress and ornaments as India and Indian women are known for traditional dress and ‘Alankarana’.

        ‘Even with full bakthi, distraction always happen to human beings when viewing’ – you said it. My God! Where there is a real Bhakti, there is no room for distraction and viewing a lady in different way. Recall the Bhakti of Abhirami Bhattar and Thyagaraja (the music legend).

        What I felt bad is, that a highly learned man like a doctor, is still supporting such wrongdoings. What I learned from this is, that we are ‘more literate but less educated’.

        Jaya Jaya Shankara…… Hara Hara Shankara……

        (I extend my sincere sorry to Sri Mahesh for using the blog for such aggressive responding)

  3. What he told in this video is a few. He has so much, more to say about Maha Periva, such a vast experienced man, closely associated with Sri Matam. Hope someone would take initiative to write down all his experience with Maha Periva.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara….

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