Direct Rescue from 4 Illegal Slaughterhouses on Amavasai – 3 Cows and 2 Rishabams Saved

First and foremost many thanks to Sri Periyava Thiruvadi and for the kind contributions from Shri Gopalan, Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan, Shri Saravanan, Shri Sakthi, Shri Badri Narayanan, Smt. Arthi Venkat, Shri Umesh Sadasivam, Smt. Indumathi, Shri Balaji Subramayam, Shri Shankar Balasubramanaim, Shri Ramanathan, Shri SK Ramaswamy, Shri Krishna, Smt. Chitra, Shri Manikandan, and Shri Sairam without which we could not saved these Gho Mathas. For contributing to our cow rescue efforts please click HERE for account details.


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Many a times I try to close the deal before a cow reaches a slaughter house by buying cows directly from the owners who are at the point of selling to butchers. However, sometimes, I cannot resist myself when I see cows standing tide outside a slaughter house that I jump right out of my vehicle and start talking to the butchers.

It was Periyava’s Agnai to me to save some cows directly from slaughter house yesterday early morning (Masi Amavasai) and I obliged. Started off from my home at 2.00 AM and reached the first illegal slaughter house at Thiruvallur by 3.30 AM. The slaughter house was pitch dark with just a small chimney, no traffic on the road and the guys had already finished off killing a cow. The next cow was ready to be taken inside as they have to get everything ready by dawn before ‘customers’ start walking in. Since the butchers were Hindus I explained about the Maha Paabam they are committing on Amavasya and asked them to give it to me. They were reluctant but I kept driving my point, negotiated a price, paid an advance and went to the next slaughter house few kms from there. There also, they had just finished killing a cow and was getting ready to take 2 more cows inside. Both of the cows were pregnant. This place is run by a woman which is even more pathetic. Negotiated, paid an advance and ran over to the next slaughter house another km from there. I have to pay an advance and run since they finish all the killings by dawn.

The next abbatoir guy was not at all willing to sell his rishabam and asked me to get out of the place since he thought I was wasting his time. I told him I will offer him the price that he will out of the entire sale proceed. After 40 mins of back and forth, he finally agreed. Though, he sold the bull to me, he signaled to one of his allies to get another small calf from his home which was a couple of 100 meters away from his home and butchered it without my knowledge. I became aware of it only later, felt very depressed and hollow but kept preaching him and his colleagues (there is no point in venting your anger on them as it will lead us no where). The key is to change the mindset of people which I have been trying to work on parallely along with the rescues. Finally called my transport guy, boarded all the cows from various places and had them safely in Sri Gokula Krishna Gosala, Thriuvallur. Came back home by noon.

BTW, all these slaughter houses are run by Hindus who are doing Ayyappa Puja and have Lord Muruga songs as ring tones in their mobile phones. Posting some pics below. A couple will be disturbing. Normally I refrain from posting these but at times we need to remind ourselves of the very harsh ground reality and as Periyava desires our greater responsibilities in safe guarding this Maha Dharma. Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama


சாஸ்த்ர வசனப்படி தர்ம தேவதையே தபஸ், சௌசம் [தூய்மை], தயை, ஸத்தியம் என்ற நாலு கால்களுடைய ஒரு ரிஷபமாகத்தான் இருக்கிறது. அந்த தர்மக் காளையுடனேயே கோமாதாவும் இருப்பதாகவும், தர்மத்தையே பாலாகச் சுரக்கிற ‘தர்மதுகா’வாக அப்பசுத் தாய் இருப்பதாகவும், அந்த ஜோடியைக் கலி புருஷன் ஹிம்ஸித்ததாலேயே இந்த யுகம் இப்படிச் சீர்குலைந்திருக்கிறதென்றும் ‘பாகவ’தத்தில் இருக்கிறது. ஆகையினால் கலிதோஷம் நீங்கி தர்மம் தலையெடுப்பதற்குச் செய்ய வேண்டியவற்றில் கோ ரக்ஷணம் முக்யமான ஒன்றாகும். அதிலே நாம் தவறினோம் என்ற பெரிய களங்கம் ஏற்படாமல் நமக்கு கோபாலக்ருஷ்ண ஸ்வாமி அநுக்ரஹிக்க வேண்டும். – ஜகத்குரு ஸ்ரீ சந்திரசேகரேந்திர சரஸ்வதி ஸ்வாமிகள்

Per the verses of Shastras, the very form of Dharma Dhevatha is personified as a Rishab (Bull), with Tapas (Penance), Soucham (Cleanliness), Dhaya (Compassion) and Sathyam (Truth) as its four legs. Bhagavatham holds that Ghomatha is also present with the Bull and that the Divine Cow Mother stands as “Dharma Dhuka” who secretes Dharma as Her milk and it was only because “Kali Purushan” tormented the Divine couple that this fourth Yuga namely ‘Kali’ is inflicted by all sorts of evil. Therefore to get rid of ‘Kali Dosham’ (evils of Kali) and to enable Dharma to get manifested in this world, cow protection is one of the most important actions to be carried out. May Lord Gopalakrishnan shower His grace upon us to save us from the disgrace befalling on us of having failed to do this. – Jagadguru Chandrasekharendra Saraswathy Swamigal

Butcher untying the cow to be taken inside before we rescued her just in time. She is pregnant.

Another Pregnant Cow Standing outside the Slaughterhouse awaiting her turn.

Next illegal slaugher house. You could see a black rishabam  (tied to a pole on the left side) watching all the dreaded killing with so much of fear. This picture is a bit hazy but the next picture shows it pretty clearly.

The harsh and bitter ground reality of precious and innocent lives killed in slaughterhouses

All cows getting boarded safely from the Jaws of death. Look at some of the pictures closely you can see the shock and fear still in their eyes even after coming to Gosala.

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  1. how much amount they will need to spare from killing for each cow/bull?

  2. Nature has its own way of self correction.

    Evident through recent shift from cornivorus to herbivorous eating habits post covid19 attack.

    Infinitesimal progressions of human efforts may be matchless before this self correction of nature.

    • It is a deep thought you have conveyed., thank you. Yes, Nature corrects itself- or shall we say, God teaches men lessons through nature. But do men understand and correct themselves , or respond adequately?
      As for shift from carnivorous to herbivorous eating habits, there has been this movement for some time, even before the onset of Covid19. But this may not be a long-lasting feature .. For one thing, scientists, doctors and nutritionists are divided on this issue.There are many in the West who believe that complete reliance on plant diet for human health is not possible- even though diets like Paleo diets are advocated by some to combat many illnesses like type2 Diabetes.Many of them are already returning to saturated fats based on animal sources. Second, herbivorous diet is not safe any more as many plants have been genetically modified or indiscriminate hybridization has led monocultures and large-scale destruction of native species.. Extensive use of chemicals in the process of farming, use of thousands of chemicals in food processing, have altered the nature of so called herbivorous foods. In India most of our vegetables and fruits are laden with chemicals, our grains are treated with chemicals and irradiated- almost every one of our food items is treated chemically and none is available in pure form. How can we then say that herbivorous food is safer?
      Nature corrects itself- but for us it may mean external disaster. Last year’s floods in Kerala were Nature’s reaction to indiscriminate deforestation and abusive land usage. Deforestation in the Western ghats has led to scanty monsoon rains in the catchment areas. But have we understood the phenomenon and taken corrective action? We know the glaciers feeding the Ganga are receding,, but what is being done to arrest it? Can it be done at all? It seems Ganga will follow Saraswati!
      We have meddled with so many aspects of nature for so long in the name of science and progress that we cannot know for sure where and how Nature’s reaction will come. And even when it comes, it may not be to protect just the human species, for in the vast scheme of the Universe, man cannot claim any superior rights over other forms of life, or assume that he alone would be given special protection.
      “Infinitesimal progressions” of human efforts- this is a splendid expression. Such efforts are invariably at the level of individual or small local groups of enlightened spirits. Our hopes are indeed centred on such efforts. The efforts to save our desi cows against so many odds are a prime example of such initiative.


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  4. Dear Sai and your team, thank you so much for resucing these precious cows/bulls. Things will change for better. I have confident in periyavas krupai. Situation will change for good and all cows and bulls will live long without fear of butchering.

  5. Namaskaram Mama, Words are not enough to praise the noble deed that you and others who help you are doing. Few questions come to my mind, kindly try to answer them Mama –
    1) Of all the cow butchers that you have seen, how many are Hindus, Muslim and Christian ?
    2) Is it possible to report these slaughter houses to police and have them closed permanently ?
    3) If Hindus are themselves are part of this, why are they like this and how to change them/move them away from this business ?
    4) In Madras/Chennai over the last 4 to 5 years, there has been a tremendous increase in number Hotels and Restaurants that serve food that has BEEF in it. I feel this has been done purposefully by sadist people belonging to some political outfits as a kind of reply by them to the BJP government that came in to power in 2014 and the BJP led government closed down cow slaughter houses in UP and tried to strictly enforce cow slaughter ban in UP. Can we some how order investigation on all these restaurants as to how they source their beef ?
    5) We need find a way through some social media account in Twitter, Facebook etc where it is possible for people interested in saving cows/Ox and even other animals if possible to connect. Because even if there are millions of members, it is possible to communicate with them by a tweet in Twitter. We need to show our strength in numbers. Currently we people who want to save these animals are all scattered all round the globe. We need to be united and need to be on one single platform like Twitter, so that we can communicate better and also show our strength in numbers.
    6) We need to tell the government to stop using artificial insemination to impregnate cows. This make bulls less useful as already farmers are using tractors instead of bulls for their farming activities.
    The lives of these animals will only improve only if government can do something good for these animals. We as people can try our level best to save these animals but if government and police neglect these issues as trivial then it is very difficult to stop these slaughter houses. I am completely speechless as to how our people who, I thought are supposed to have love/compassion for these animals and celebrate these animals during Matu Pongal, kill them mercilessly for money.

    Dear friends, if you have a strong heart try to watch some of the cow slaughter videos on youtube. I guarantee that any one even with a stone cold heart if seen with the right perspective in mind will cry instantly. After which you will come to an conclusion that it is obvious that there is war and hatred in this world because some people when presented with an innocent living being like the cow/ox in front of them in this instance, take pleasure in killing these innocent lives and doesn’t even regret it.

    Hope that the world will definitively move towards good/positively in near future.

    Mahaperiyava padham saranam.

    • Many questions are raised here.
      1.In meat/beef industry there are people of all communities. Their methods of slaughter are barbaric, the conditions are unhygienic, the medical condition of the animals ( whether their meat/beef is fit for human consumption) is not ascertained. The consumers do not care.
      2. Like the unorgainsed market in any trade, or like the vendors on the foot paths, these operations are carried on with the full knowledge and complicity of the police. In the absence of a law banning slaughter, what can the police do?
      3. It is not that all Hindus avoid meat or beef. It is only the religiously minded Hindus ie those who are serious followers of the religion, who avoid meat.Even regular non-vegetarians avoid meat on specific days, but Hinduism, based on adhikari bheda, does not prohibit meat for all. Full vegetarian food is only prescribed for the serious practitioner of religion/ spiritual aspirant.. So it is difficult to make all Hindus give up meat or beef. Let us be practical.
      4. Surely, there are vested interests promoting beef/meat industry in India. They have vast resources, which we cannot match. This lobby is supported by the mainstream media and press. Can we match their reach?
      5. Beef eating is associated with some religious communities, though no religious book of any community prescribes beef eating as a religious act. They take it as their right, and it will be fought in courts on that basis We all know how our secular courts will interpret the matter. And our politicians will not touch the subject on all-India basis due to vote bank politics.
      6. We may form a strong network on social media, and send out share messages; but who will listen and act on that?. For that we need people who can articulate well, and make strong and effective presentations among the general public and among the opinion makers. But on this subject, people are divided, and we cannot expect open support from central or state governments. Our only chance is to educate the general public so as to create a strong public opinion. But it is a hopeless task- see what happened to the movement against corruption?
      7. The movement against cow-slaughter in India is like the movement against horse-slaughter in the West. Many people in the West feel that horses should not be slaughtered as they work as our companions and help us in many ways. But there are also many people who like horse meat. In 2007, the US stopped horse slaughter on its soil, but US horses are sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter and the meat exported, mainly to EU countries. This is a big international cartel operating. Even though the US congress passed the resolution to ban horse slaughter, it has not become law as the Senate has not passed it.
      One objection against horse meat is that the animals might have been treated with chemicals/drugs which make the meat unfit for human consumption. Though there are regulations in this regard in the US , this safety measure is not followed in Mexico/Canada.
      Another objection is from the animal rights groups , but not all of them seek a ban on horse, slaughter; most of them only want better methods of killing the animals!
      Such arguments are refined, and will not work in India. Our animal rights groups will plead for stray dogs, cats and pigs- but not for cows! For anti-cow slaughter is viewed as a pro-Hindu agenda [ and upper-caste Hindu at that] and it will not attract much public support. This is the ground reality. The huge economic benefits of cow-based economy are not appreciated. Nor are they scientifically explained to the public.
      People have taken to tractors in our rural areas, as there is shortage of labour there, and wages are high. The labour is also difficult to mange now. They also consider use of tractor as progressive.. With the spread of the current type of education, youngsters do not want to deal with animals.
      There are dedicated individuals and groups spreading awareness about organic agriculture, and cows are an integral part of the scheme.[ Cow dung and urine are essential for making compost; such manure is far superior to the chemical fertilizers, and will save hundreds of crores of rupees for our farmers, who are committing suicide, unable the bear the high cost of chemical inputs] But these groups are disperate, and divided on ideological grounds, so they do not interact with each other, and do not openly declare the importance of cows, and the need for a ban on cow slaughter.
      When the Constitution was adopted, national sentiment was high, and ant-cow slaughter legislation could have been easily passed. But Nehru was not for it, and subsequently we have drifted far into secularism interpreted as anti-Hindu attitude in everything. So, we cannot expect the government to be proactive in this matter, not withstanding the rabble rousers.
      In the present situation, even if a legislation is passed, it may not be easy to implement it in all states- look at what is happening to CAA! Even Akbar banned cow slaughter; cow slaughter was banned on the eve of the First War of Independence in 1857; but Independent India cannot do it now!
      The upshot is, that we cannot expect much support from the government or the police. We have to continue with our work of rescue with our religious convictions, and faith in the Guru and God. We have to work with small groups at local levels.

  6. This is a wonderful rescue operation. It is a mystery how in the same place some cows get killed and others are rescued!
    It has long been revealed by many studies that in a slaughter house, the cows know what is happening, and those awaiting their turn dread the prospect/fate awaiting them. They are full of anxiety, deep fear, mental agony and many other negative emotions. These emotions have the effect of triggering hormonal reactions in the bodies of these animals, and all these hormones are bad for health of the consumers of such meat/beef. This is a well documented scientific fact, but hidden from the wide public by the meat/beef industry and its henchmen in the media.
    John Robbins, son of the Ice Cream magnate Irv Robbins of Baskin-Robbins, refused to work for the company as he felt ice cream was not a healthy food and he did not want to make wealth by spoiling people’s health. He followed a simple life and in due time found the connect among healthy food, environmental issues, and animal rights. He has written extensively on how the beef industry in USA is not only spoiling people’s health, but destroying the environment, and would ultimately destroy America itself.
    Eating beef is not only unhealthy for the individual, it is bad for the environment, and almost suicidal for Indian agriculture. Albert Howard showed in his book “An Agricultural Testament” how essential cow was in the agricultural economy of India by contributing to the making of compost which was the best fertilizer. He introduced these practices in the UK and thus organic farming was born. But in India, its home land, it is forgotten, and our people are mindlessly killing the cows- cruelly and brutally.
    It is a huge task to educate the public, in the light of an unenthusiastic and apathetic government, which only pays lip service. Against such background your silent rescue operations not only elicit religious merit, but confer enormous economic benefit, not the least of which is the preservation of native breeds of cows- which are the only real cows in the whole world. I salute you, Sir.
    By the way, the book “The Secret Life of Cows” by Rosamund Young [2017] reveals how the cows feel for each other, how the cow and the calf bond, and how they communicate among themselves. Those who kill cows must surely be regarded as asuras of the modern age.

    • Namaskaram Sir,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I submit all those at the holy feet of Sri Periyava. I want to clarify one of your question.

      //It is a mystery how in the same place some cows get killed and others are rescued!//

      If you read my post they start the slaughtering around 2AM in the morning and I went there by 3.30am. Also as you see above, there is no guarantee the butchers are going to sell all their cows and go to home. As I had mentioned above, many a times I had to plead to them and save only whatever they are willing to sell me. Hope this clarifies. Rama Rama

  7. Compassion makes us strong. People should refrain from eating animals . Our ancestors were vegetarians and lead the most peaceful and healthy life.
    Very disturbing to see the suffering and be mere spectators.
    Salute these men who try their best to save as many lives as possible.
    Maha periyavaa saranam

  8. How brutal ! Nobody has a right to kill any living creatures including தாவர வர்கம்! Can we create any single soul? Feel disheartened to see these pictures above. Bow to ppl like Sai Srinivasan who do treeless service to thses animals without minding their health, time and dangerous atmosphere during their rescue bow to them really! Periyava பரிபூர்ண கடாக்ஷம்!


  1. More Native Breed Cows Rescued from Illegal Slaughterhouses – Two Cows and Two Rishabams Saved – Sage of Kanchi

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