Matangi Navarathri

Thanks to Sri Sampath for the share.

Shikshavalli of thaittireeya Upanishad says ” Varna swarah, mathraa balam, sama santhanah.” Varna represents alphabets. Maathra is the appropriate time required to spell an alphabet. Sama is rhythmic word. Varna represents colour also. Every letter has associated colour. When a letter or word is uttered, the para vaak transforms to vaikhari . it is swara. The result is a rhythmic expression, sama, the symbolic offspring of Varna and swara. Hence _ sama santhanah. The rhythm of expression is gathi, the chanda. Veda says ” agnir vaak”_ the expressed word is agni. In vedic parlance, the word saamaja, one who is born of sama, the rhythmic word, is an attribute to Brahmanaspathi, the leader of angirasaas. With the potency of his words, he breaks the rocks of inconscience and releases the waters of divine knowledge. It is this vaikhari vaak stands as an edifice upon which the Vedas and manthra sasthra sustain. There is a vast inexhaustible ocean, mahaarna of words high above from which a thousand streams flow down ward as articulated speech. She is the flow, nedee thame saraswathee. By catching the tail end of this divine flow, vaikhari, one can get at the very source, para..

Mati is thinking mind. Matha is thought . mathaga means that which goes to the thought, “matham gacchathi iti.” The unmanifest word perceives itself for manifestation and then reaches the thinking mind for expression. This is mathaga. When the word fashioned by heart and formulated by mind is articulated, it is maathangi. It is this godess who guides the listener , the intended meaning according to the listener’s intellect and arhatha. She is the source of poetry and music. The opener of occult eye to the unseen worlds and occult ear to in audible music.

Vasishta ganapathi muni says,” rasanidhimaaptaa jihwaarangam, mathangeethi prathithaseyam.” The expressed word, articulated speech, the vaikhari is maathangi, the godess one among ten cosmic forces, the dasa mahavidyas.

Happy Matangi Navarathri to all..

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