Very beautiful design of lingams

Saw this in FB..Looking very beautiful. Sri Gurukkal mama in Chicago normally does abishekam to dwadasha lingam for Mahasivarathri but making a structure like this looks very pretty!

Om Nama Shivaya!

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  1. I have no ideas of what Agamas say about structuring Lingas but it looks unique and innovative.

  2. Om Namasivaya sivaya nama om. Janakiraman Nagapattinam.

  3. Om Nama Sivaya, Sivaya Nama Om. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  4. 🙏
    In Kshetram Kalahasthi , the Lingam houses Navagrahas on Shiva’s face like a ladder 😊
    May be here also these are Lingas representing Navagrahas 🙏

  5. I only commented my view. Do not take it in otheway.

  6. Is there any sanctity in doing abhishegam to Lord Siva as instructed by our Veda or as per agamas.It looks beautiful as you said but ……

  7. Om namah shivaya. Jaya Jaya sankara hara hara sankara

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