Why do we have misery?

It will be good if hunger, etc., do not afflict us. But why do they afflict us?

Let us see through which course they come. They will come as long as the body lasts. But if this body goes, another takes its place. For that body also, hunger, thirst, disease, etc. will come. So, if we could do without body, then these miseries will disappear.

We take many births. What is the cause of those births? On account of what do we take a body?

We have to reap the consequences of the good and bad deeds done in the previous births. The self cannot reap them. Fire cannot burn the self, nor the application of sandal paste makes it cool. Therefore, the body is needed. As a result of the good and bad deeds done by us, God endows us with a body, and punishes us by making us imagine that the body is “I”.

If a boy commits a mistake, he is beaten for that. By his side, there is a doctor. If the boy swoons not being able to bear the pain, he is revived and again beaten. He is given food and beaten back.

For the sins we have committed, God gives us a body and thus punishes. If this not enough, He endows us with another body and punishes. Thus, the sins that we commit are the cause of the body. If we do not commit sins anymore, we shall not be endowed with a body hereafter. Constantly we should remember that we should not commit sin.

HH Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal

(From the book Preceptors of Advaita)

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  1. Pardon my doubt, but this particular pravachanam with all its talk and threat of punishment, sins, beating, torture,
    etc. etc. does not seem at all like our Periyavaal’s upadesam. It sounds very much like the ignorance and brutality of Christianity and Islam.

  2. But it is also said that human birth is a precious gift of God. We should use this body to the fullest potential. We pray to all Gods in human form. So how can you denigrate the human body. It is a mortal frame given to us by God Himself to fulfill certain duties, rituals and tasks on Earth. Will someone clarify this paradox: that is getting a human birth is a boon or bane?

  3. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. saranam saranam. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

  4. Why do we have misery? can you write this article in Tamil Give more impartant to our Mother Tongue
    தமிழ்l !!!

    • I wouldn’t mind a Tamil copy of the above text but humbly request that the English version also be retained for non-Tamil speakers like me.

      There should be no constraints on who benefits from the words of our Jagadgurus.

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