Sri P.R. Ramachander – Chosen by Mahaperiyava


Sri P.R.Ramachander is a name that we can’t miss if we have read stotras online….He has done translation of 100s or even 1000s of Sanskrit slokas to English.

It was ten years back that I completed the translation of the great book “Samksepa Dharma Sasthras” compiled as per wishes of Maha Periyava by Manjakudi Venkatrama SAtrigal, with help of Sri E,S,Ramamurthy Sastrigal and Sri.S.M.Krishna Sarma .

This book was pubished in 1985 and sold at the cost of 50 paise By Heritage India Educational trust , Sanskrit college, Mylapore Madras .Maha Periyava wanted it to be clearly mentioned in the book , that since this book should reach every Brahmin’s home, no copy right should be there.The second edition of the book was published in 2007.

It was in 2009 that my scholarly and elderly friend Sri.P.P.Ramachandran(People call him PPR) wanted me to translate in to English.I thought that it was an order from Maha Periyava and did it to the best of my ability and created a web site for that.

Here is the link to more details about him.

P.S – I wonder if Sri Sridharan mama of Tiruvanmiyur had been contacted to cover his experience with Mahaperiyava. His service to our sanatana dharma community particularly to Tamil readers is monumental.

1, Introduction to the book…/introduction.html
I.Varnashrama Dharma Prakarana(Dharma for different Varnas)…/varnashrama-dharma-pr…
II. Aahneeka Dharma Prakarana(Dharma of activities of day to day life)…/aahneeka-dharma-praka…
III. AAsoucha Dharma Prakarana (Dharma for upholding cleanliness)…/aasoucha-dharma-praka…
IV.Sradha Dharma Prakarana (Dharma towards the Pithrus( manes))…/sradha-dharma-prakara…
V.Thidhi nirnaya Dharma Prakaranam (dharma towards fixing time )…/thidhi-nirnaya-dharma…
VI.Prayachitha Dharma Prakarana,(Dharma of redemptive acts)…/prayaschitha-dharma-p…
Theses are followed by a sort of appendix entitled
SAmkshepa Dharma sasthra Samkeerna Vishaya.(Miscellaneous important aspects )…/samkshepa-dharma-shas…

I do not know among all the great scholars why I was chosen by HIM to do this job.The fact that no one else has done it and that it has become a reference book on rituals of all Brahmins, goes to show that “The blessings of Maha Periyava” is with me.

Our namaskaram to mama for his yeoman service to sanatana dharma.


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  1. How can I contact Sri Ramachander?

  2. kindly let me know where this book is available. If you can give the address including phone number, it will be immense help to me. Pl reply to my mail id Thank you.

  3. I recently bought this book from Kanchi Matam – Periyava Adhishtanam. There is this single book available at Rs.225/- or 250/-. There is also a bigger/detailed version of 5 volumes – together costing Rs.2500/-.

  4. where can we get a copy of the book/s.

  5. Thanks for this coverage…these links have been my “go to” place for many topics, like monthly “Tharpana Sankalpam” namaskarams for mama’s yeoman service

  6. how to get the original tamil version, even if a scanned version is possible.. If you can upload it will be useful

  7. Kindly let me know whether the book is availab

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