Govindashtakam explained by Mullaivasal Sri Krishnamoorthi Sastrigal

Apologies for not posting as often as I want to. There are some unavoidable personal situation that is keeping me busy..I hope I will pick up more pace soon.

Govindashtakam is my most favorite stuthi by Adi Acharya. I don’t know how I got pulled into this one than others. It sounds good, feels good to chant. Brahmasri Ganapadigal mama gives beautiful explanation to this great work of Sankara.

Added bonus is his initial few minutes of narration of an incident with Mahaperiyava on Gita said by Kamakshi. It is quite amazing how things unfolded. Like mama said, sitting in 3 PM in a temple tank, getting a Gita bashyam book like a snap of a finger is all divine play. Flipping the pages in one shot to get to the exact page what we want also is a great siddhi. For Mahaperiyava, I have heard in so many interviews where he flips something and he points something right there. Listen to Periyava’s explanation on how Kamakshi gave Gita to us!

Don’t miss!

Thanks to Smt Sowmya for the share.


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  1. Govindham Paramanandham.

  2. Thank you Mahesh Sir .

  3. Very true. I think you can hear from you too. Its qiute good

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