Mahaperiyava Painting – “Still Life” Painting Concept

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Umesh for the painting done in “Still Life” painting concept, depicting a theme with natural and man-made objects. Awesome. Rama Rama

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  1. It’s wonderful. The theme of natural stillness state can be attained by the fact that., that we are neither male not female, nor are we young or old. We are an immortal soul beyond body, mind and intellect. Until this transformation is experienced, no object in this outer world will be able
    to give us true satisfaction & true joy.
    AND the man- made, stillness theme, can command us to Be still. Tune ourselves with the Divine will. Let go all worries. Get deep down into the innermost core of our heart { for Mahaperiava resides in our Manas chakra the VIII the state of evolution, & the corridor to eternal & infinite bliss } and plunge into the ocean of peace.
    Jaya Jaya shankara Hara Hara shankara…

  2. Rama rama Namaste /\

    Stopped for a while at this picture trying to figure out which is man-made n which is natural..

    Realised i can be totally wrong with all my choices so real life /painting like all are.. :))

    Enjoyed this little quiz time with the pic ..for a bhaktha anything novel seen in the outside world can be used to express his love for ista dheivam.. splendid expression

    Rejoiced ..


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