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  1. I liked the bhajan photos,but as Mahaperiyavaa told can we avoid party sarees as we kill a lot of caterpillars to make silk sarees,Sorry not to offend anyone

    • Very correctly said. Simplicity has to be followed and pure bhakthi and devotion are to be prevailed in that early morning. It is so divine . I had the experience of participating in the Unchavarthi Bhajan during Dhanur Month at Vellore during 1979 to 1989 at our Veda Sabha Sri Rama Bhajana Mandiram, Karar Krishnasamy Street, Kosapet, Vellore lead by our Gurunathar, Shri Rantham Krishnaswami Jayarama Bhagavathar, Munjurper Kuppusamy Anantharama Iyer, Vembakkam Gopala Iyer, K. Ramamoorthy Iyer, Vaikunta Rajah ,Narayana Iyer, Kalpattu Jayarama Iyer, Vellore N.Krishnamurthy Iyer, Keezhapanthal Kumarasamy Iyer, Mandakulathur Venkatesa Iyer,Tiruvannamalai Jagadeesa Bhagavthar,Walajapet Sri Chellam Iyer,Ramachandra Iyer, Tiruvannamalai Neelakanda Bhagavathar, Katpadi Pitchumani Iyer, Margabandhu Iyer,CTO Subramania Iyer, It was a divine experience.Till date, I cherish all the moments and my joy knew no bounds.

    • it is not about offending. you have the right to say what you observed. But these ladies are doing what others are NOT doing – it may be including you! Can they improve? May be. Instead of pointing fingers, let us take the good thing from this.Why don’t you set a model for ladies in your area by participating in morning bhajan with cotton sarees? I will post those pictures to inspire others!

  2. Nice photos. One day in 1970 I had walked along with the Bhajan group headed by the late Sri Papanasam Sivan in Mylapore. It was a wonderful experience.

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