Orientation to Vaidhika Maarga – 2-day seminar for NRI by Sri Sarma Sastrigal – July 25-26

Sri Sarma Sastrigal is planning to conduct this seminar based on lots of requests he has been receiving from NRI brahmins. Pl see the flier for more details. Pl reach out to him directly for any additional information.


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  1. He will only preach to the world . He never follow in his life.

  2. Ram Ram
    Sri Sarma Sastrigal was instrumental for initiating Nithya Panchayadana Pooja or more than 200 people.
    I have beeb blessed to get the Pooja from him on 15th August 2014.
    More than 5 years I am doing this pooja.

    Sri Sarma Sastrigal has released a booked called Bahista dharmam. Nobody is having guts to talk about that today and we have to appreciate his service.

    Finally all are not Sri Maha Periyava. There will be plus and minuses. Take the positive initiatives and Sri Sarma Sastiigal is getting Sri Periya anugraham before staring any job.

    Ram Ram

    • I completely agree with you. There is no perfect person in the world. Based on some stray incident one might have had, it is not good to label a person in anyway. Besides, if someone is instrumental in making others do nithyakarma then I consider that as a most valuable service in today’s world. I know because of him, there are at least 100 more people are doing Nithya panchayathana puja. On the commercial part, for all service we pay some fee. even for pizza delivery we pay delivery fee, tips etc etc. why can’t for a noble cause like this?

  3. Would there be video recording?

  4. what is the cost not mentioned

  5. Sharma sastrigal is a commercial man. I have personalized experience with him. dont trust this guy.

    • Sir,

      Please show some respect for such learned persons. This post is just to inform devotees about this event. If you are not interested please ignore and do not make any negative comments as this is not a forum to give our opinions of others. Anyway I don’t think we are competent to judge others especially scholars. Some of my friends are disciples of Sri Sarma Sastrigal and revere him. Let us not hurt anybody’s feelings. Thanks.

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