Sri Ugar Swamigal and Mahaperiyava

Thanks to Sri Bharath Subramanian for this wonderful coverage. Beautiful place and very serene…

Unfortunately, I was not able to understand the Hindi interview as my Hindi is very rusty. Hope someone could do a translation.

One very heartening thing to note that they have preserved the room where Mahaperiyava spent 4 months and converted as a part of the temple. I heave heard from Sri Sivaraman that many many places where Mahaperiyava sat/spent have been demolished and converted to apartments, shops etc – quite sad. It only shows the temple administrator’s bakthi towards Mahaswami.

Endaro mahanubhavulu andariki vandanamulu!


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  1. The Aanathosmi sthuthi composed by the Revered Ugar upon MahaPeriyava is significant because it is composed in the same manner as the Kalabhairavashtakam by Sri Adi Sankaracharya,; both the compositions upon Siva, both composed in Kasi.

  2. They are conversing in Kannada, not Hindi. This place in Belgaum district which is in Karnataka and borders Mahrashtra.

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