Deepavali Cow Rescue – Two Pregnant Cows Saved from Illegal Slaughterhouse

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – In continuation of the Deepavali rescue of a rishbham from slaughter house HERE,  I mentioned about driving through a few illegal slaughter houses on the roadside where Gho Mathas and Rishabams were getting killed right in front of my eyes.

By Periyava’s grace though I managed to rescue that rishabam there were a couple of other cows that were tied in the bushes in another slaughter house which I drove through. Since I drove back from Bangalore the previous night and came for this rescue early on Saturday morning that went on till late afternoon I was getting weary physically and mentally. But, those two pregnant pure native breed Gho Mathas that I saw kept haunting me in my thoughts. While driving back home, I called my driver and asked him to check on that place where I saw those cows tied for killing and asked for the butchers number. He went to that place and got his number. I told my driver about the two pregnant cows I saw and he said they were waiting to be killed on Sunday early morning (Deepavali day). Spoke to the butcher over the phone and pleaded with him to release the pregnant cows. He reluctantly agreed and I immediately transferred the funds online to close the deal before there is a change of heart. All of this got settled only by around 10PM and the cows came to Gosala only after midnight, the Deepavali day.

More than my incoherent writings, pictures say a thousand words. The picture below shows a black and white pregant cow (by the way she is a rare native breed cow which I found later) that was tied in the bushes on the roadside. However she could see her fellow beings butchered right in front of her eyes. Just see the fear in her eyes and her gratitude after being rescued. Both the emotions can be seen clearly in the pictures below. By Periyava anugraham managed to save these two great lives on the Deepvali day.

Many thanks to all the contributors below without which these precious lives could not have been saved. Smt. Saraswathi Thiagarajan Amma, Shri Sakthi, Shri Vignesh, Smt Rathai Rajagopalan, Shri Saravanan, Shri Umesh, Smt. Kamala Thyagarajan, Shri KR Krishna, Shri Srikumar, Shri Chandrasekharan Iyer, Shri S. Shyam Prasadh, Smt. Kamala, Smt. Indumathi, Smt. Chitra, Shri. Manikandan, Smt. Bhanumathy Srinivasan, Shri Balaji, and Smt Indhu Shankar.

Two Gho Mathas tied in the bushes/roadside in the illegal slaughterhouse trembling with fear

                  Relieved Gho Mathas in the Gosala reciprocating the love and affection

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  1. I saw 6 or 7 stray cows 20 km from chen ai airport towards Kanchipuram under a bridge. Today is feb 6th 2020

  2. Sir
    Mahaperiyavaa’s benign grace and peerless blessings on you and your family forever!

  3. You are doing divine work.i am sure Periyava will give you more and more strength.

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