Brahmasri Gopala Dikshitar has reached Mahaperiyava’s lotus feet


NityaAgnihotri BrahmaSri Gopala Dikshidar mama who was doing Puja for about 12 years at Holy Brindavanam of Sri Maha Perivaa attained Moksha on Fri late night. He was 95+ & had a peaceful Mukthi! Sri Matam Representative after informing HH on way to Kanchi to visit the bereaved family members & offer respects to the departed soul! 

I don’t have the photo of mama..if anyone has it please send it to me at

Our namaskaram to mama..


News source : Sri K Guruvayuppan

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2 replies

  1. Brahma Shri Gopala DikshidatJoined with the lotus feet of MahaPerivaa who is Shiva again Adhi Shankaracharyal incarnation. Om Shanthi Shanthi

  2. Krushna… Krushna…. Sarvam Ishwara Ichcha! Maha Periva Pada Vandanam.

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