Deepavali Eve Cow Rescue – 20 Native Breed Cows Saved

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – First, sorry for being behind the eighth ball and could not post timely updates. It is tough to focus on blogging as well as cow rescues that happens every week so obviously something has to lag behind. However, be assured, even if the updates are a bit late they will eventually come.

Four days before Deepavali, I was informed there are 20 native breed cows (a rare breed called Aligarh) that were on the verge of being sold to butcher. Since I was in Bangalore for work, I called the cow owner and asked him to hold on for few days and will meet him in person when I’m back in Chennai. Due to work pressure I could not call him for the next couple of days and in the meanwhile he sold two of his cows to butcher as he was heavily constrained for funds and was also short of labor to maintain the cows. I called him and told him I’m coming next day morning to see the cows and will also pay him an advance, will arrange for funds and pay the remaining shortly.

On the day before Deepavali, I went to his cow shed in Thiruvallur (around 80 kms from my place) in the wee hours where the cows resided. I found that the cows were living in pathetic conditions in soggy floors and broken roof with not much food or water to drink. They are now safely in Sri Gokula Krishna Gosala in Thiruvallur. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara for all the noble contributors below with whose help we could rescue these priceless souls.

Smt. Archana Kumar, Smt. Bhanu Hedge, Smt. Pabbati Vandana, Smt. Usha Venkateswaran, Shri. S. Subramanian, Smt. Avantika Vardhan, Smt. Krishnapriya Krishnamachari, Shri Amarnath Kundanamadugu, Shri Anand Ranjarajan, Shri PK Vaidhyanathan, Smt. Vijaya, Shri Sankaran Ramakrishnan, Smt. Poornima Krishnamachari, Shri. Shriram Reguraman, Smt. Vathsala Janakiraraman, Shri Bharthi Sankararaman, Shri Vaidynathan Pranitharan, Shri Karthik Sampath, Shri Sandeep Gayam, Shri Sudarshan Krishnan, Shri Srikanth Mahalingam, Smt. Usha Venkateswaran, Shri Darshit Parmar, Smt. Dhivya Sankar, Shri. Ram Narayan, Shri Krishnamurthy Rangaswamy, Shri Bala Parameswaran, Shri Karthik Suryanarayanan, Shri Phaniramachander Vippahali, and Smt. Sujatha Viswanathan.

Contributions Info: Please mention ‘Cow Rescue’ in the subject line and send a note with your name, amount to for tracking purposes.

For donations in India, here are the details:

Name: Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam
SBI Savings A/c. No. 32626335713 & IFSC Code – SBIN0002233, State Bank of India, CPCL Branch, Manali, Chennai-600 068

For contribution in US – you can make electronic payment to from your bank via
Zelle or QuickPay etc. This is the MOST convenient method for all.  (or) PayPal


Video Clip on the pathetic living conditions of the cows (See the floor and the roof of the shed, it rained pretty heavily for the past few days).



Detailed pictures of the 20 native breed rescued cows.

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  1. Is pratyaksha Charitable Trust operating from Chennai? If so, can i get the contact details along with the phone number ? Can anyone directly come to office and hand over the cheque for cow Rescue? Apart from the above, i am curious to know the indicative price for rescuing one cow? Thanks. You are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Are donations to Pratyaksha Charitable Trust used for Go Rescue.
    Pls confirm


  1. Several Rescues in the last few weeks – 3 Cows and 6 Rishabams Saved – Sage of Kanchi

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