We think one and Periyava thinks other…..

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha Madhavan for sharing this divine incident. Many thanks to Smt. Anu Sriram for translating this article. Rama Rama

We propose Periayva superimposes !

Our son’s wedding had been fixed. We decided to go to Kanchipuram inorder to seek Periyava’s blessings for the marriage taking the thirumangalayam and bride’s wedding saree along as well. This was the day after Sankara jayanthi. We started from Chennai at around 6 in the morning by car. In the course of the journey we talked amongst ourselves thinking that hopefully we would be able to have Periayava’s darshan soon and would be able to return to Chennai within an
hour and thus would be able to return to work the same day.

When we reached Kanchipuram there appeared to be a crowd to beget His darshan. Our turn to have his darshan came in about half an hour. We respectfully placed our offerings before Him and answered His inquires. He held the thirumangalyam in His hands for a little while and then blessed us.

Just then someone from the crowd showed Periyava a cassette and talked to Him in hurried tones.Periyava said that arrangement should be made to have the contents of the cassette translated.However it was found that there was no one in the vicinity to do the translation.

Periyava thought for a while and said “ There are 3 stenogrphers amongst the people who have gathered here today, ask them to come forward”.Upon hearing this we were spellbound for my husband was working as a stenographer in the railways and just as Periyava had said, there were indeed 3 stenographers in the crowd that day my husband included.

My husband and another stenographer were still wonderstruck at Periyava’s divine insight. Periyva then called one attendant by name Thiagarajan and said “ Ask the stenographers to come inside”. Since among the 3 people one person had already left, my husband and another person were taken in front of Periyava.My husband and the other person commenced their work regarding transcribing the cassette details.Do you know the contents of the cassette ?It was the
speech by the then President sri R Venkataraman on Adi Sankara on the occasion of Sankara Jayanthi festival. While my husband did the work, we all stood outside basking in His divine presence.

Soon it was afternoon 1 pm. We all were very hungry. Lunch was being served in the matam. However none of us wanted to eat without my husband accompanying us.We kept thinking that since it was well beyond the lunch time at the matam we would have to suffice eating at some hotel.

At around 1:30 my husband and the other person submitted their completed work to attendant Thiagarajan who then took it to Periyava.Periyava carefully read their work without omitting a single line and then inquired of them : Where do you both work? Have you taken leave from work today? Did you finish eating lunch?Who accompanied you to the matam today?”My husband replied that he was accompanied by his family members and that none of us had eaten lunch yet.

Periyava then beckoned Thiagarajan mama to His side and asked for lunch to be arranged for us.It was the most heavenly food ever eaten by us.We wonder if we will ever get to eat such divine food in the future too !

Again my husband had to work on the script incorporating Periyava’s suggestions. It was close to 5 in the evening and the work was still not completed.My husband then went to Periyava and said that on going to Chennai he would take copies on the Roneo machine and send them over and requested Periyava to grant them permission to take leave .Periyava then smiled and blessed us with prasadam and said “ The wedding will take place well”.

When we returned home it was 9 at night.

We recollected how we had innocently thought amongst ourselves that we would be back in Chennai within the hour and that it had actually taken us the entire day to be in His service and marvelled at Periyava’s grace and divine insight.

Even today when we think of that day it brings us goose-bumps.

He indeed is “ The God who walks”.

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  1. Please translate

  2. Jaya Jaya Shankara.
    Hara Hara Shankara.

  3. எல்லாம் மஹாபெரியவா அனுகிரஹங்கள்
    ஹரஹர சங்கர ஜயஜய சங்கர காஞ்சி சங்கர காமாக்ஷி சங்கர
    வைத்தீஸ்வரன் திருச்சி

  4. ஜெய ஜெய சங்கர ஹர ஹர சங்கர. சரணம் சரணம் . ஜானகிராமன் . நாகப்பட்டிணம்

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