Nithyagnihotri Brahmasri Gopalakrishna Deekshitar

Sri Sriram Raju has been doing a very great work in identifying each and every agnihotris and honoring/paying respect for quite some time. I think he has a list of 40+ of them in TN only. He takes few minutes video clip of each of them and a photo with them. He is doing this besides his pidi arisi program etc.

While he has been posting these in FB, I randomly listened to this interview and later realized that this is none other than Sri Musiri dikshitar’s son-in-law.

Don’t miss this short clip – he talks about the mahatmiyam of agnihotram as a quick overview and also relates to Mahaperiyava’s experience. While addressing Sriram, he refers him as Brahmasri and smiles – it is a great baghyam for Sriram to be called like that by veda pundits like him. Don’t miss!

If possible, I will work with Sriram to share other videos as well. Let us all do a namaskaram (virtually) to these great vaideekas. Million thanks Sriram for doing this!

P.S – pl do not ask me for their contact numbers – I dont have them. Also such people have busy schedule due to their anushtanams and may not like to be disturbed.


Nithyagnihotri Gopalakrishna Dheekshadar from Kulithalai is 40th in overall list. Out of 40 nos, 12 are not active Agnihotris due to age/other reasons.

He is also called as GG and is the son in law of Musiri Dheekshadar.

Met Nithyagnihotri Shri.Gopalakrishna Dheekshidar and did our honours to him and got his blessings for all.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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  1. Periyavaa Sharanam , would somebody be so kind as to share the FB page where Sri Sriram’s interviews with them are hosted?

  2. Superb interview. Very nice points mentioned by the dikshitar. Superb audio quality.

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