Jai Ram Sri Ram!

As we all know the final justice has come on Ayodhya case. Finally a victory to sanatana dharma. While we know so much of politics around it, there were so many real devotees who were waiting for this day to come – it has finally come. While this post is not intended to remember all of them, the main objective of this post is to do a namaskaram to Pujyasri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal for His tireless contribution on this matter. If He were in His sthoola sareera, He would have been very happy to see the final verdict.

Dr Swamy, who has been working very hard on this topic tweeted – it sums up nicely! This is his bakthi to our acharyas.

Only few days back I posted about a veda parayanam under the guidance of Sri Periyava in Ayodhya for the successful outcome. None of our prayers have failed – all worked!

Let us all have sweets, paanagam, neer-mor to celebrate this victorious day!

Sri Rama Jayam!

Jagatguru Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi meets Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali at Darul Uloom Firangi Mahal in Lucknow on Oct. 11, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Below photo between Sri Periyava’s with Sri Mohan Bawath (sp?) – RSS leader.

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  1. How and why Mr.Mohan bhahawat / a muslim man sitting equal to H.H.Sankarachariya swamigal
    It is disrespect/ அபசாரம்

    • Firstly The Acharya himself did not find it an Abacharam. So Relax. Secondly, both Moulana Khaleed Rasheed and Mohan Baghawat are wearing tight pyjamas and could not be seated on floor. Thirdly, we should get over our old prejudices of these rituals. Times are changing. Acharyals are traveling by airplanes also. We should follow our customs strictly without enforcing on others.

      • You are funny, Acharyal traveling in airplane. Next thing you know Acharyal wearing jeans.

        You must be one of those new age follower of people like the sauve fashionable sadhguru

  2. These Non-Hindus:
    – destroy our temples..
    – sit on that land for years..
    and, instead of collecting compensation from them, we (Hindu) taxpayers are giving them a land, that too of double area and that too in the city that well belongs to Hindus!! What nonsense!!

    Now, every Non-Hindu will think that this is the best opportunity to acquire lands and do the same for every temple they’ve destroyed and taken over!

    What next – Gyanavapi well in Kashi that belongs to Vishvanatha temple?! Those Non-Hindus will be ready to put a similar drama!!

    It’s high time we stop feeding Non-Hindus and also being afraid of them and take bolder steps to bring back all the temples that are in the hands of Non-Hindus and ALSO make them pay heavy compensation! One should show no pity on them, just like how they showed no pity when destroying our temples and sit on them without an iota of shame.

    Bharat was a Hindu rashtra and those non-hindus should first be sent back to their respective origin countries!! Let them enjoy their fruits of action (ie., paapam) also there itself in their land!!

  3. This judgement in the 7 decades old Ayodhya case is welcome prima facie. But we have to go through the full judgement to understand the details and the implications. It will take some time as our mainline newspapers will not give all the details, especially if they are favourable to Hindus.

    But this judgement is prima facie welcome because this is perhaps the first time in the last 600 years that Hindus have recovered a prominent temple/ temple site from Muslim occupation, after Madurai was retaken from Muslims by Vijayanagar ruler Kumara Kampana.in 1378..

    We were rather apprehensive when Hindutva forces tried to enlist the support of Jayendra Periyava for the Ayodhya cause on several counts. One was that it had become a political issue, and it was not the style of Kanchi Mutt to engage in political issues directly or even indirectly. Second, Hindutva is not really a Hindu movement, but a reform movement- like Arya Samaj and it is basically political in intent. Third, political outfits are notoriously fickle in their loyalties, and do not seek much more than a contact of convenience. Fourth, Hindutva forces always expressed a preference for Jayendra Periyava over Mahaperiyava. This can be clearly seen in their writings. So we felt uncomfortable. Unfortunately, in this country, every other religious leader may speak openly for their side, but if our Acharyas speak, it will be blown out of proportion and given adverse publicity. Jayendra Periyava had taken a big risk in this initiative, thank God it has ended well.

    We Hindus must remember one thing. We are goody goody in our approach to and understanding of other ‘religions’. While not having hatred for others due to differences of faith or practice is our innate quality, it should not make us blind to the very different nature of the religions of non-Indian origin..Both the Abrahamic religions are aiming at world domination- no less- and this is what the history of the world actually demonstrates in the last 1500 years, when most parts of the world have been conquered and appropriated by them, from where the old civilizations have been destroyed. India is the only land where the old Hindu -Sanatana civilization still lives. As such, that is the focused target of not only the two Abrahamic religions, but also the leftists. All three of them are world-wide forces with muscle and money power.

    In fact, there was a stage by 1989 when the Muslim parties, confronted and convinced by the evidence of the ancient temple at Ayodhya site were willing to compromise with Hindus and surrender the land. But leftist historians intervened and prevented this from happening. But the bluff of leftist historians was called in the Allahabad High Court, when during cross examination of the so called leftist historian “experts”, it was shown how hollow was their claim. Our mainline newspapers including The Hindu of Chennai did not report these details and continued to give space to leftist writers. So, the anti-Hindu thrust of leftist forces should not be underestimated.

    Taking all these factors into account, this unanimous verdict of the Supreme Court is really heartening. And no doubt there is the blessing of our Acharyas behind it.

  4. Thanks for the article,The second photo is puthu Periyavaa with Sri Mohan Bhagavath ( not bavath)


  6. Jai Shri Ram.
    Humble namaskarams to our Gurus.

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