Did not realize at that time that we were standing in front of Sarveswaran Himself

Thanks to Sriram Raju for this rare photo share with details behind it.

Got this treasure photo of Manager Viswanatha Iyer with Mahaswami. Blessed to meet the Grandson of Manager Shri Viswanatha Iyer of Kanchi Mutt.

” I have as a small boy met Mahaswami along with my Grandfather at Kanchi. One person used to read the newspaper daily, other used to read all the wedding/other Invitations and some visitors will be there. Mahaswamigal would be parallely hearing all and reply to all. We did not realise that time that we are standing in front of Sarveswaran Himself” – Grandson of Manager Viswanatha Iyer.

Sri Sriram Raju is standing far right.

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  1. Mahaperiyavaa Sharanam

    Pradosha Periyavaa Sharanam

    Dear Mr.Balaji, Yes i remember meeting you at Tirupathi and also many other occasions at Hyderabad Mahaswami Sewa Samithi functions. Thanks for remembering.

    Dear Mr.Raman, I know mama and mami from my childhood and they are our neighbours but just recently got to know the Periyavaa and Manager Shri.Viswanathan Mama connection. I was on my way to office and so my attire is not traditional. Wherever possible will adhere to the Traditional attire.

    Mama and Mami are keeping very low profile and were even hesitant for posing for this photo. Only thing what mama shared is that they are actively involved in Mahaswami Aradhanai along with Mahaswami Poorvashrama Relatives.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  2. Request to make an interview with sri viswanatha iyer his experiences with mahaswami an d also to learn more abt manager viswanatha iyer

  3. Sri. Raman
    Please don’t make a passing comment. Appearances are always deceptive, so don’t judge a person by your mortal eyes. The person in question is none other than Shri. Sriram Raju, who is in charge of
    “VEDARAKSHAM trust “, which regularly / periodically organizes Vedaparayanam under “Maha Swamy Pidi Arisi Thittam” in
    lesser known & remote temples.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara!
    Hara Hara Sankara!

  4. I remember Sri Sriram Raju who was with us 2 years ago on a day before Shravana Pournami, we together (about 25-30 Anusham Group people from Hyderabad) walked all the way from Alipiri (Tirumala starting point) to Tirumala with Maha Periva’s Padams on the head, in rotation one after other. In the evening we celebrated Pada Pooja at Tirumala Shankara Mutt. Next day, we performed Upakarma also at Tirumala. I had a Bhagyam of doing my morning and afternoon Gayathri Japam in front of huge Maha Periva Photograph (under His legs) in the Hall. He was the guy came all way from Chennai, I believe. Very nicely spoken, cooperative and helping every one. Hope he remembers me too.

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