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  1. I am shocked and saddened to note that Paul Brumton got estranged from the Mahan’ s teachongs and wrote a lot against Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings. It only shows that he was the usual human being and did not raise himself from that level in spite of MhaPeriava’s dream vision and Sri Ramanar’s Anugraham. I had great regards for him but now…….well, I do not want to put it in so many words. Anyway, his first book was instrumental in making the world know about the Great Mahan.

  2. These are very good pictures. Especially the one on top is splendid- it captures the essential writer that Paul Brunton was. The likeness is close.The note pad on his thigh is very significant- it tells a story.
    It was through Brunton’s book “A Search In Secret India ” that Sri Ramana Maharshi became well known in the circle of spiritual seekers all over the world.[ In the foreword to the book, Sir Francis Younghusband said it could be called ‘Sacred India’] But what is often overlooked is that the same book also made Mahaperiyava well known. The meeting with Mahaperiyava was extraordinary- and especially the dream-vision following that in which Brunton was advised to be humble in his seeking!

    Though Brunton was an admirer of Sri Ramana, he was not liked much by the Asramam management. He followed up A Search in Secret India with another volume, “Hermit in The Himalayas”. The Search carried a section based on Maharshi’s teachings. The Hermit was entirely based on his teachings. Later he wrote another book ” The Secret Path” which was supposed to be a guide on meditation , but it did not fully or accurately reflect the teachings of Maharshi.

    Being essentially a journalist, he used to take notes. [ See how the note pad in the drawing is significant !]
    The Asramam management felt that Brunton was using Maharshi’s teachings in his writing, without due acknowledgement. [ Those days only the Asramam could publish Maharshi’s teachings.] So, they stopped him from taking notes. He stopped visiting the Asramam. Later he got estranged even from Sri Ramana’s teachings, and wrote many books which contained much against his teachings , and Brunton emerged as a Guru on his own. Major Chadwick, (Sadhu Arunachala) who was a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi and resident near the Asramam till his death, called Brunton “plagiarist of the first water” in his memoirs.

    Many years later after the Mahasamadhi of Sri Ramana there appeared to have been some correspondence between him and the Asramam .The Asramam published a slim volume of Brunton’s writings with the title “Conscious Immortality”.

    But there was a pleasant fall out later.. Paul Hurst, Brunton’s son [ Paul Brunton’s real name was Raphael Hurst] became a top executive in the American publishing firm Prentice Hall. He believed that his father had benefited spiritually from his Indian experience and was therefore indebted to India. In gratitude, he arranged with Prentice Hall to publish their text books at cheap prices in India to benefit Indian students. This was a magnificent gesture on his part.
    All these thoughts rush to the mind on seeing the pictures.

    • Two corrections please, Paul Brunton’s son’s name is Kenneth Hurst. And the book based on Ramana Maharshi’s teaching is “A Message From Arunachala” ‘A Hermit in The Himalayas’ is a different book. The slip happened as I wrote from memory. I have since checked from the books. The other statements made are factual. I am sorry for the slip.

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