Happy Deepawali!

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On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and your family members a very happy Deepawali. Being devotees of Kanchi Acharyas, let us pray them for their blessings and hope that the light of knowledge and wisdom removes the darkness of maya and ignorance around us. Let us also pray Goddess Lakshmi to bless us all with health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom to enable our spiritual journey.

I have provided two links to Periyava’s speeches on Deepawali. Please listen to the voice of God on this auspicious day.

Deepawali – Part 1

Deepawali – Part 2

Please listen to Sri Periyava’s Deepawali special anugraha bashanam.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Namasthe,

    Reciprocate the same,


  2. மகா பெரியவா ஆசிர்வாதம்
    மிகவும் நன்றி
    எல்லோருக்கும் எங்கள் தீபாவளி வாழ்த்துகள்


  4. Knowledge of wisdom removes darkness of maya – very good and potent phrase one comes across in a greeting!.
    Probably if we try to understand each term, that would be of great saadhana by itself.
    My 10 cents here based on my limited understanding. More ideas are welcome
    Knowledge जीव चैतन्यं is a भागा of सुध्ध चैतन्यं (भगवन्न् = भागते भातिः इति -Bhagavan is making himself/ herself visible through Trillions of visible and perceived objects of cosmic ) and therefore must merge eventually with it.
    Wisdom: स्तूल शरीरं in which जीव चैतन्यं manifests and surrounded by unfulfilled अभीष्ट desires + PLUS/ minuses the रागा द्वेषा the duality that surround- (unsatisfied valencies that drives us to make compound in a chemical reaction) and such forces making us feel अपूर्णं and drives us to seek पूर्णं .Elements with satisfied valencies have no need to make compounds to remain in stable state! And the continuous, steadfast internal assimilation of the KNOWLEDGE above leading us to liberation.
    Darkness – ignorance. In spite of having this knowledge and in spite of our continuous efforts to internalise (साधन), we again come back to worldly transactions ( व्यावकारिक) that again puts us in to spiral of duality of रागा द्वेषा. Each transaction leading to another transaction than the transaction helping us to get out of that spiral
    Maya: A stick put in a bucket of water appears bent at water surface making it appear real for those who do not know the theory of refraction and deceives them. Likewise, जीव चैतन्यं ‘s vision & perception are clouded by a refraction making worldy transaction appear real, needed and our driver from birth to death. Even those who do understand the सत्यं : Absolute truth of cosmic consciousness / cosmic energy is the सत्यं and the the worldly transactions derives from that satyam and जीव चैतन्यं does not get affected ARE OFTEN relapsing back to believe the external world. This force is MAYA. Though Yasodha is able to see COSMOS in Krishna the MOTHERLY feelings, duties, love and such wordly transactions make her forget that KRISHNA is cosmic truth but her child and that she needs to tend to him. This is the VISHNU MAYA
    Raga – Desires, Ragi – a person having desires that drives human transactions. Viragi – a person having no desires that drives transactions. VAIRAAGI – a person who has reached a state whereby there is no pendulam swing between the extremes of ragi and viragi.
    Kuntam- blunt denoting ignorance. Vikuntam is knowledge. So we humans oscilate between these two states of darkness/ ignorance AND wisdom. VAIKUNTAM is transcending that pendulum oscilation between ignorance and wisdom but remain in stead fast state . Even a चैतन्यं remains as सुध्ध चैतन्यं

  5. Thank you very much and wishes to you, your family and all bakthas.

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