Experience of Sri Krishna Sastri Joshi with Mahaperiyava

(Thanks to Echangudi Ambi for sharing this rare photo!)

Thanks to Bharath Subramanian for this interview. Since it is in Hindi, I was able to partially understand as my Hindi is lot rusty.  Thankfully, someone did a translation in English and I have given that as well.

Another blessed family. They are going to host a major paduka yatra and rig veda event which is explained in the video. Needless to say, they would need lot of support to make this happen.

Please support this event in whatever way possible.


Trust and Bank details
SHRI SADGURUCHARANAMBUJA SEVA VISHWAST NIDHI.                                                 Indian Bank Address – Shivani Heights,39 Malhar Peth, Police  Head Quarter Road Satara City 415002. Branch Code-687/ IFSC CODE NO. –  IDIB000S051.   A/C NO. 6543348627
Trust Address- SHRI SADGURUCHARANAMBUJASEVA VISHWAST NIDHI  – 180 A Aacharyanugrah Guruvar Machi Peth Satara 415002 Maharashtra
Sri Bhalchandra Shastri Joshi MO. No. 8975493704

Periyava Sharanam


“Mahaperiyava stayed in this very room in 1981-82. My father, Shri Krishna Shastri Joshi ji, and my grandfather used to teach students every day. One day, Mahaperiyava called a student and spoke to him for sometime. My father later asked the boy ‘in what language did you speak with Him?’ He replied ‘Marathi’. The next day when he spoke to Mahaperiyava, my father tried to listen secretly. But Mahaperiyava never spoke in Marathi. My father then realized the Sarvajnathva or omniscience of His holiness. 2. Mahaperiyava commiserated with Smt Indira Gandhi. They sat on either sides of the window. He spoke to the translator, not to her directly. *shows pic of IG 3. Mahaperiyava would randomly summon appa, even at 2 am sometimes, show him a grantha and ask him what the book contained. Appa was convinced that He is veritably Lord Shiva Himself, when Mahaperiyava would indicate the contents in specific pages by page-numbers. 4. My parents wanted a son, after 4 daughters. 5. The father I prayed to His holiness. He gave me a coconut as prasadu, which I partook. Then my eldest son Chandrashekhara, was born. I informed Mahaperiyava who was in Pandharpur then. I expressed my desire to name him Chandra shekhara. Mahaperiyava finally said ok, name him so. 6. When the son was 1 year old, my wife was expecting. Desirous of another son, I offered a coconut and Thulasi to the Lord, who was in Kurnool. He gave only Thulasi as prasadu, after which we were blessed with a baby girl. Thereafter we were offered the coconut prasadu, after which the second son was born. 7. The father, in Kurnool, taught nyaayashaastra and kaavya for the first time, to Bala Periyava on order from Mahaperiyava. 8. The son This paadhukaa worn by Mahaperiyava was given by Pudhu Periyava to my father. 9. Mahaperiyava walked all over this place where our old house was, now renovated by His grace. There is a waterfall close by, where Mahaperiyava used to bathe. Entirely by Mahaperiyava’s grace, we have started a trust, Sadhguru charanaambuja sevaa vishvastha nidhi, under the auspices of which, the following programme is planned from 13th to 24th in the divine presence of the paadhukaa. A sadas on rig Vedha Dasha Grantha. We are mere instruments. HE does everything! 13th – Ganapathi sahasra aavarthana and Maha rudra abhishekam for the paadhukaa 14 to 23rd – sadas on Rig Vedha Dasha Grantha 15th – shaastra Sabhaa by eminent sanskrit scholars on nyaaya, vyaakarana etc 16 to 23rd – naaman sankeerthana 18 to 23 – Rig Vedha samhithaa ***not clear 24th – distribution of prasaadham to all This is a big programme that involves very big expenditures. Mahaperiyava will take care of completely. All are welcome to visit and take the blessings of Mahaperiyava 🙏🏾

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  1. Satara Bhalchandra Joshi, the younger son merged with the Lord last week, after ailing for a couple of months.

  2. NO further response on details of location or any other thing?

    Bharatji spoke about contribution. Cannot contribute to thin air, Bharatji, think about it . Neither can those interested contact randomly. I wrote to Vaidik Bharata, no response either, and they are supposed to be friends.

    I went through all the veda pathashalas in Satara i could locate via Sanskrit Documents, and online. None for the trust named, none for the holy brahmashris named. End of the possible ways one could use from this end, USA. So now what to do?

    Amazing nishtha to Sri Sri Mahaswami, Bharatji: eats, shoots, and leaves? it is called Panda-nyaya.

    • If you want to check the GENUINENESS of their trust, check the GoI website!

      One doesn’t really need to publicize a veda-patashala or a BrahmaSri!
      So just because you searched a limited-resource-Sanskrit Documents, it doesn’t mean that there are none beyond that very very limited list!

      This is very much a genuine trust and the learned scholars are genuine too!
      For any clarifications, contact him through email/phone/SMS.

      Language might be a problem. If you know someone who can converse in Hindi or Marati, ask them to help you ask/send him your queries.

      Following are the details.
      Sri Bhalchandrashastri Joshi
      Mobile: +91 89754 93704 / e-Mail: Bhalchandra.shastri29@gmail.com

      180 A Aacharyanugrah Guruvar Machi Peth Satara 415002 Maharashtra
      IFSC Code No. – IDIB000S051
      A/c No. 6543348627
      Indian Bank Address – Shivani Heights,39 Malhar Peth, Police Head Quarter Road Satara City 415002.
      Branch Code-687

      • Before being critical, KINDLY refer to Bharatji’s request to send funds to them. HOW to do that, was my polite request in my first letter on this forum.

        Unlike YOU, some of us are not blessed by OMNISCIENCE to find out addresses about which no information is available from my end.

        I have no doubt about any veracity, btw. My entire life has been spent in trying to propagate vaidika exegesis, and that is why i went to Vaidika Bharata where some of my vaidika “friends” hang out.

        I am merely in search of a contact address that is viable for money transfer. Would urge anyone who suggests donations to any source to please include such information, which they usually do, like a bank account. Strangely, only in this case,were all such clues absent. Nothing was coming up on google, in my inexpert hands, hence my query.

        And thank you, I am fluent in Hindi, and am very deeply in connection with Pune vaidikas, and have been making contacts through that end, but people in India react slowly in response to any request; a week or two is not unusual, whereas this sadas is starting on Nov.13, and the mechanics of transfer may take a little time from my end, too.

        But thank you for your information. May you be deeply blessed. May all merit from whatever i do be yours, and infinitely multiplied.

        With prostrations to SriSri Mahaswamigal

  3. when is this event – just the dates are mentioned – which month?
    is there a detailed invite .. in case we want to participate in person in satara?
    how to check if they have recd. the payment? should we call them up or send a email? what if we don’t know hindi? can they understand english?

  4. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. saranam saranam………Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  5. Mahesh

    Sorry forgot to indicate the english translation which was done by a devotee. This eye for detail shows your great devotion and passion for mahaperiayava work. Thanks for highlighting the translation here makes a lot of sense for the efforts to flower.

    I would additionally request if atleast something to a tune of 2 to 3 lakhs can be generated from USA it will be of great help.

    • Jai Ma

      If there is a common pool set up in the USA, will be happy to place USD at the Holy Feet of SriSri Mahaswamigal immediately since time is of essence. Is there any interest in pooling together and sending, as per Sri Bharath S.’s request?

      Then someone from Satara can forward the money quickly and be compensated from here, without delay?

      We do not have any address, ANY OTHER INFORMATION, nothing useful. Getting any of this will take 7-14 days, minimum, IF AT ALL knowing how Indian things happen. thereafter, transferring money would also take time.

      Hence, would it be feasible to function as a group for this purpose?


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