How to do guru puja?

I get lots of emails on help on how to do Guru Puja or anusham etc – as recent as yesterday. People ask for lots of people’s phone number for help etc. I posted one article recently on the need to keep things simple and easy. Anyways, here is the normal “template” for any puja.

A typical Puja involves the following 27 steps:

    • Dhyaanam Samarpayami (Think or meditate on the Lord)

    • Aawaahanam Samarpayami (Offering invitation the Lord)

    • Aasanam Samarpayami (Offer a seat to the Lord)

    • Paadyam Samarpayami (Offer water to wash the feet)

    • Arghyam Samarpayami (Offer water to wash the hands)

    • Aachamaneeyam Samarpayami (Offer water to drink)

    • Snaanam Samarpayami (Give bath to the Lord)

    • Maha Abhishekam Samarpayami (Give main head bath to the Lord)

    • Pratishtaapayaami (Make him seated)

    • Vasthram Samarpayami (Offer clothes to the Lord)

    • Yajnopaveetham Samarpayami (Offer the Holy Thread)

    • Gandham Samarpayami (Offer sandalwood paste/powder)

    • Akshatham Samarpayami (Offer Akshatha/ Rice)

    • Pushpam Samarpayami (Offer Flowers to the Lord)

    • Ashthothtra Poojam Samarpayami (Offer the holy 108 names)

    • Dhoopam Aaghraapayaami (Offer Fragrance / Agarbatti)

    • Deepam Darshayaami (Offer light to the lord)

    • Neivedyam Samarpayami (Offer Food to the Lord)

    • Phalam Samarpayami (Offer Fruits to the Lord)

    • Taamboolam Samarpayami (Offer betel nut and leaves)

    • Dakshinam Samarpayami (Offer money to the Lord)

    • Maha Nirajanam Samarpayami (Offer aarti to the Lord)

    • Pradakshinam Samarpayami (Taking clockwise rounds of aarti)

    • Namaskaram Samarpayami (Offer Prostrations)

    • Mantra Pushpam Samarpayami (Offer incantations and flowers)

    • Praarthanaam Samarpayami (Offer prayers, request your desires)

    • Kshamaapanam Samarpayami (Offer apologies and ask for forgiveness)

This puja can be done in 30 mts or in 3 hours depending on how detailed one wants to do – result is the same – just because someone does a puja for 3 hours, he would not get any additional blessings 🙂

In this list, you can use specific mantra for each devata – for instance, the mantra for avahanam will be different for Ganapathi vs Narayana. For Mahaperiyava, please click this link. I personally just do my siva puja procedure for Mahaperiyava also. I have also used these mantras for some of my pujas. During abishekam (snanam), I do rudrabishekam etc. If you do not know how to do that, take a flower and sprinkle (prokshanam) on Mahaperiyava photo or any devata photo or vigraham….

If you are not used to Sanskrit words, you can skip all, just say “asanam samaryapi”, argyam samarpayami etc. Where it says “mantra pushpam” you can chant Mahaperiyava ashtothram/trisathi/sahasranamam (text given under “Important Links” on the main page of this blog). I sometimes do Rudra Trisathi. At the end, sing thevaram, maitrim Bhajatha and chant Thotakashtakam before doing namaskaram.

All you need is a photo of a devata/guru etc. It could be any Guru – Mahaperiyava, Pudhuperiyava, Balaperiyava, Ramana, Raghavendra swami etc. Our Vedas have given a nice template for doing all these rituals. just follow it with bakthi. Again – there are NO special routine for Mahaperiyava. Everything will fall under this template only.

Dont waste time in emailing me or anyone for that matter. you have all in front of you (or within you in vedantic terms) and searching elsewhere!

If you are considering starting an anusham puja and dont know how to do this – use this as a template.

Mahaperiyava Sharanam!

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  1. Is the pooja vidhanam available share in sanskrit and english

  2. Can you tell me where I can find guru pooja English pdf

  3. How many Pradakshinam do we complete?

    Samarpayami (Taking clockwise rounds of aarti)

    Also I need 108 names for Guru Pooja
    Ashthothtra Poojam Samarpayami (Offer the holy 108 names)

    Thank you


  4. My mother recently passed away and reached the heavenly abode of Kailasam and Vaikuntam . We completed Subhasweekararm after the 9,10, 11, 12 function on Sunday the 13th day, on the 9th of August 2020. Can I Do Guru pooja. Can I get the pdf document? I want the document in English


  5. This is the Hindi version of Sarvajana Sarva Devata Puja

  6. @ Nanjappa Garu: Sir would you mind taking a photographs those pages and send it to my email ID (

    I will set the pages and correct it in size and make it as PDF and give it Mahesh Garu too, so as he can share the same to all the Bhaktas here in this Blog. Would you take that pain sir?

  7. @Ganapathy Subramanian:

    Oh come on Sri GS. Where did I deny long hours of Pooja. All I wanted to say was to give more priority, commitment to whatever Pooja we do, irrespective of time period. Period!

    Again, aspiring something, ideal situation, commitment and time frame varies from human to human, place to place, etc., what we say this as ‘Desa-Kala-Patra’.

    The words translate as Desa, meaning “place”; Kala, meaning “time,” and Patra, meaning “individual.” Desa-kala-patra recognizes that all aspects of life are influenced by these factors and can determine the circumstances that an individual can and cannot control.

    The concept of desa-kala-patra helps yogis put their life and circumstances into perspective based on what they can and cannot control while helping them make the best decision to meet goals that work in harmony with these elements. An individual can change many approaches from small to large based on understanding these concepts, while also understanding throughout the course of their life how they have experienced these elements has also changed.

    The dynamic modern world is based on a perception of time, place and who they are.

    Give a space to all kind of Bhaktas and allow them to realize where the stand is, my policy.

  8. Nice template. More like a checklist I guess.
    This puja can be done in 30 mts or in 3 hours depending on how detailed one wants to do – result is the same – just because someone does a puja for 3 hours, he would not get any additional blessings 🙂 – But I can’t agree with this statement. Saints always advice us to engage longer and longer in different forms of bhakthi like puja and Japa, so that we can attain true love for God. There is a saying – adhikasya adhikam phalam. We even see that acharyas do longer pujai on Pradosham, pournami, Vyasa pujai etc. In our case longer we can sit in pujai less we will commit sins!

    • Pl understand the Tatparyam of the message. There is no meaning in sitting 3 hours of Pooja without having a concentration and shraddha. A minute with full committed Pooja yield more result, don’t you think? It is true that with full committed Pooja do yield more result. Tell me frankly, in today’s era of speed life style, do we have such long Pooja procedure? I appreciate every one who does such Pooja with full commitment and concentration.

      Hope you get my point

      • Well Mahesh made a statement – just because someone does a puja for 3 hours, he would not get any additional blessings – I am saying what saints say on this. More is better. Quantity and quality. In fact more is better only in Bhagavath Bhajanam (Worship). More is dangerous in any other worldly matters. If you eat more you will get sick. But if you read whole narayaneeyam in a day instead of 1 dashakam it is surely better. Even in this Era, People do it all the time. In any era, there will be sadhus who follow saints. See these Shivananda lahari slokams
        कञ्चित्कालमुमामहेश भवतः पादारविन्दार्चनैः
        कञ्चिद्ध्यानसमाधिभिश्च नतिभिः कञ्चित्कथाकर्णनैः ।
        कञ्चित् कञ्चिदवेक्षनैश्च नुतिभिः कञ्चिद्दशामीदृशीं
        यः प्राप्नोति मुदा त्वदर्पितमना जीवन् स मुक्तः खलु ॥

        Oh Uma Mahesha, he is indeed liberated while alive, who (spends) some time by
        worshiping your lotus feet, some by religious and abstract meditation, salutations, some
        (time) by listening to (your) story, some (time) by seeing you, some (time) by praising (you)
        and who reaches this state with a mind offered to you with joy.

        सोमकलाधरमौलौ कोमलघनकन्धरे महामहसि ।
        स्वामिनि गिरिजानाथे मामकहृदयं निरन्तरं रमताम् ॥

        Let my heart take delight in him who wears the crescent moon on the head, without a break (nirantharam) in him who has a beautiful cloud like neck, in him who is the great light, in him
        who is the sovereign (and) in him who is Girijanatha.

        Is this too idealistic? Yes. But is it something we should aspire? Yes.

    • Ganapathi,

      This forum and our society has lots of mixed devotees – brahmins who learnt veda enough to do these pumas who can chant rudrams, sukthams, upanishads etc (basic ones), non-brahmins and brahmins who dont have any exposure to any of these, women, where our sastras tell them not to chant veda etc. I see many people struggling to “start” a puja for Mahaperiyava and wasting time asking for some specific individual to initiate etc. The purpose of that statement is “start and your puja will grow automatically with guru kripa”. Maybe these people might be encouraged to do learn and do in a proper way. As a reply to someone’s question in FB (interestingly that happened yesterday) I shared this link and one lady apparently was looking for something encouraging to start and this post triggered her to start – she mentioned that she is going to start tomorrow/today (I just woke up here in US!). My point is to encourage people starting small.

      Coming to 30 mts or 3 hours – there is no question that quality alone matters. People who do Navavarna puja might know this. There is a part called “anthayaga” – one has to travel within at this part – this journey could take 1 mts or 30 mts with eyes closed. if the sadhaka is able to reach the abode of Kamakshi through this journey, then the rest of the puja is not needed – you can close and walk away. that is the essence of the puja. In reality, when that portion comes, everyone closes their eyes and spend less than a minute and continue with all the other puja that will run for 2 hours (including me). One has to focus on the key aspect of bakthi, bhavam more. If you take phalasruthi of many scriptures we do parayanam, it might say, doing it once a day will yield this, twice will yield that etc. In reality (to Balaji’s point), we do parayanam may be once a month – that is the world we are in. I will take the “more the better” lot in terms of Nama japa. There also if the focus is lost, even doing 1 lakh japa is useless unless we do it with absolute concentration. While I am against quoting Bagavan Ramanar as an example as He is beyond everything – He saw Annamalayar only once in His entire life. Sri Nochur Venkataraman in his bagavatha upanyasam quotes that since Bagavan has seen what He wanted to see, He never had the need to go again -that is quality.

      I am not trying to debate or argue but trying to emphasis the fact that the intention is to encourage starting small and expanding.

      Hope this clarifies.

  9. ஶ்ரீ குரு பூஜா – தமிழ்


  10. The right way is to say “dhyaayami” Awaahyami” not samarpayami

  11. This is a simplified template, suitable for our times, and for most people short of time.
    The Vrata pooja book that most Smartas follow at home nowadays [ like “Vrata Pooja Vidhanam” by Lifco or Giri Traders or Puja Vidhanam by Ramakrishna Mutt, Chennai] contains a section on puja of Bhagavat Pada for Shankara Jayanthi. This format can be followed for Mahaperiyava pooja. We need dhyanaslokam which is specific for Mahaperiyava. Other mantras can be adapted.

    Here two methods are followed. Those with some Vedic learning or puja background at home, may use mantras from Purushasooktam. These are given in the books I have cited, but since these are Vedic mantras they have to be learned first in person from a Veda pandit. Or we may use Puranic mantras which are also given in these books.

    Forty years ago, the Mutt brought out a small booklet in Tamizh titled ” ஸர்வஜன ஸர்வதேவதா பூஜா முறை”. It gave a simple method of puja. It carried a foreword by Puduperiyava. It will be a great help if they can reprint it.

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