Experience of Dr Biswakumar with Mahaswami

Thanks to Pudhuyugam TV for this wonderful interview. Dr Biswakumar is a relative of my manni. I have been to him as a patient, accompanied my parents to him. In contrast to what we see him here, he is a very quiet man – man of few words…Phenomenal interview – besides the greatest blessing he had to touch Periyava and getting opportunities to be touched by Periyava, he also developed a fantastic mindset to be completely surrendered to Him and left everything to Him. Despite his wife’s health situation he never asked for anything to Periyava.

Another important takeaway is the fact that anyone who is born will have to go through all sufferings that happen to the sthoola sareera. Mahaperiyava had heart attacks, slurred speech etc – all happened to the body. So, when we or any of our relatives go through some troubles, it is natural – just leave it to Mahaperiyava – He knows what we deserve and what to bless us with. Who are we to “ask” something to Him?!


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  1. In 1991, Dr.Biswakumar gave me a new life through his treatment. Only after seeing this video, I realize that only Maha Periyava has treated me through this doctor Biswakumar. Hara Hara Shankara Jeya Jeya Shankara .Shri Maha Periyavaa saranam. Shri Maha Periyavaalin paathamae gathi.

  2. The doctor is so blessed, talks so modest, tears rolls the way he talks, the scenes come in front of us. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  3. What a moving narration by the blessed doctor! Tears not only from the doctor’s eyes, but from every one listening to this interview. Thanks Pudhuyugam TV channel for this .

  4. Very touching interview by dr Biswakumar.🙏🙏🙏. He treated my mother at RK mutt street.

  5. Thanks for sharing this

  6. This is a moving interview. The added beauty is that the doctor speaks in a natural way.
    Why do such great Jnanis and Holy men like Mahaperiyava get such ailments? One view is that it is the sins of the devotees that afflict them as illnesses, since they are open to all. Sri Ramakrishna and Bhagavan Sri Ramana also suffered from serious illness .

    The Bhagavatam says that whatever may be the state of the body, the Jnani is not aware of it.

    Deham cha nasvaram avasthitam uththitam va
    siddho na pasyati yatodyagamat svarupam
    daivadapetam uta daiva vasad upetam
    vaso yatha parikrtam madira madandhah.

    Srimad Bhagavatam, 11.13.36 ( Hamsa Gitam)

    “The body is impermanent ( not real.) Whether it is at rest or moves about, and whether by reason of prarabdha, it clings to him or falls off from him, the Self-realised siddha is not aware of it, even as the drunken man blinded by intoxication is unaware whether his cloth is on his body or not, ”

    தேஹம் ச நஶ்வரமவஸ்தித முத்திதம் வா
    ஸித்தோ ந பஶ்யதியதோத்யகமத் ஸ்வரூபம்
    தைவாத பேதமுத தைவவ ஶாதுபேதம்
    வாஸோயதா பரிக்ருதம் பதிராமதாந்த :

    The state of a Jnani’s ( Self-realised person) body was discussed in the presence of Bhagavan Sri Ramana by some devotees in his presence in January 1946, when this shloka from the Bhagavatam was quoted. As Sri Bhagavan felt that its Tamizh translation as given was not satisfactory, he himself composed a verse to convey its meaning. That verse is:

    தனுநிலை யிலதாந் தங்கினு மெழினும்
    வினையினா லடுத்து விடுத்திடு மேனும்
    புனைதுகி லினைக்கள் வெறிக்குருடனைப்போல்
    தனையுணர் சித்தன் றனுவுணர் கிலனே.

  7. Mahesh Anna,very very invigorating comments-effective and complete surrender to periyava;Saraswathi amma puts it thus:every suffering is a prasadam.

  8. Dr Biswakumar who treated my mother during 1975-76 is in Mandaveli.
    He also supports Veda Padasalai through my brother.
    Ram Ram

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