Dont expect acharyas to talk to us always! Just their drishti is enough!

Thanks to Hari Ramasubbu for this share. Beautiful video. We have heard lots and lots of incidents from Mahaperiyava’s devotees also – Sri Ra Ganapathi Anna is the first example, Sri Panchami Nagarajan is another living example – there are so many. We now see a lot of bragging – Periyava talked to me for 45 mts etc. If He talked to us, great – we are blessed. If He didn’t that’s ok – He has so many things to do – that doesn’t mean that we dont have His blessings. If He had never talked to us, that is fine too – even His drishti on us is enough.

I either read/listened to one of the interviews where a devotee said that he or his father would go to the Matam – don’t ask for anything except for seeing Periyava – do a namaskaram and leave – that’s all. That is the level of bakthi we need. I am just sharing my thoughts 🙂

Thanks Hari for this wonderful video

Our namaskaram to acharya!

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  1. If Achaarya speaks to me 60 minutes it could mean iam SO DUMB also. At any rate in case of ACHARYAS (YOGIS)their main mode of COMMUNICATION is by MOUNA IN CASE OF UTTAMA SISHYAS

  2. ஜெய ஜெய சங்கரா ஹர ஹர சங்கரா , சரணம் சரணம் . ஜானகிராமன் .நாகப்பட்டிணம்

  3. namaskaram,
    all very well said by devotees even just having KAN DARSHAN from Periyars is the greatest blessing,even juts sitting in the very presance of the great swamis, is blessings itself, I am Rajan Padiachi from Johannesburg South Africa i lived in Madras from 1981 to 1984 and had the great blessing of seeing all three saints at one time in Madras in 1983 , thats when young swami was just 19 at the time. I have a rudraksha mala blessed by periyar. In 2006 i was in Kanchipuram again , young swami was conduction Linga pooja at morning time , i asked him from my mind (manas) to look at me and bless me as i am from South Africa and may never be able to come back too India, and Swami did turn did KAN Darshan to all my family and went on conducting the linga pooja, something he never does while doing the pooja, to look at devotees in the muttam. Aum I love three swamis more than life itself, Thank you Lord Shiva and Goddess Kamakshi for giving us such great Periyars Aum Rajan Padiachi South Africa, Disciple fo MN Kandaswami Pillai Mridangam vidwan.

  4. Very true. I visited Jayendra Periyavaa in CIT colony this time hoping that He would talk for atleast 10 seconds and say something. But when he was walking by he just glanced at me.I felt I had gotten combined Darshan of all Periyava in one go. Then I realized, thousands are waiting similarly. He also has only 24 hours in a day with so many duties and responsibilities.

    • I happened to comment here and forgot about this post. Yesterday I had a vivid dream that Bala Periyavaa was sitting in camp and I found out and ran from home. Only people from the Matam were there and I was sitting near His feet and talking to him. Do not remember what was spoken but very interesting dream. Felt He made up for my polambal in above comment.

  5. For me Acharyaal Paadha Dharsanam itself is blessing. If anything more happens BLESSSED is the person or group. Yes, this is my conviction.

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