Inimae nee thaan anuppanum

This incident reminds of what Sri Siva Sar said “If Mahaperiyava comes in a dream, it is not a dream – it is a darshan”. These incidents only reassure us that Mahaperiyava is pratyaksham!


This happened 30/ 40 years ago… . Sri Ramamirtham was a great devotee of Maha Periava. when he visited and requested Periava of some kainkaryam, Periava told Ramamirtham to send rice from his paddy field to the Kasi madam where they are doing anna dhanam for free for people doing pithru tharpanam. Sri Ramamirtham was doing this service for many years continuosly. when he was around 90 years,

His daughter, Smt Bhuvana got a dream ( around june 2019) where Maha Periava asked Bhuvana ” nee Ramamirtham ponnu thaane? unga appa arisi anuparthu theriyumono? inimae nee thaan anuppanum”…

When Bhuvana told this to her dad Ramamirtham, he was happy . By july 2019, Ramamirtham reach lotus feet of Periava. Now one can understand how much Periava made sure the kanikaryam is continued and has blessed them.. This was told to me today by Smt Bhuvana who is my neighbour..

This incident was shared with me by my friend, who got this from someone. As usual, If there are some readers who wants to question the authenticity of this incident, i suggest that those people to really grow-up.

Maha Periava sharanam

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  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Saranam Saranam. JANAKIRAMAN. NAGAPATTINAM

  3. As thiru lakhmanan says, I am dismayed by the unusual usual comment aspect.🤔

    • if you are not one of those skeptical readers, you shouldn’t feel dismayed. that comment is targeted only for those who blur the line between skepticism and negativity. If there are some readers who think that this blog is posting all fake incidents, then they should not be readers here anymore. They should go to a different place where they believe or faith in the contents. I have no problem conveying my point clear. As a blog admin, I can’t make everyone happy and at the same time, I need to make certain points very clear.

      Hope this helps.


      • 🙏🏽 மிகவும் பயனுள்ள ஊடகம் , என்னுடய பயணத்திற்கு துணை வருவதற்கு 🙏🏽

  4. I’m the previleged one to have had darshan of Maha Periyavaa at Kanchipuram quite a lot of times.

    He was and is divine incarnation of Shiva and Sakthi.

    I have the unshakeable faith in my all pervading Maha Periyavaa.

    Maha Periyavaa Saranam

  5. It is amazing. Thank you for posting incident. With Periyava based on experience anything is possible.

    I remember seeing a video of a Priest Canada describing his experience. Basically one day he was organizing an event and in the middle got a call from Bala Periyava saying when He was in adhistanam Bala Periyava Got the indication that He should let Preist know that you are doing correct things

    There are people who can say why would Bala Periyava get on the phone or any of those. But the Priest is Vaidhika and was very genuine

    So Mr Mahesh please keep posting these. We are all Periyavas gopikas eager to hear His Leelas l

    Thank you

  6. Your observations starting from As usual, was not
    Usual we have high regards to your devotion. But it is all relative to one another. The drama is one but viewers are so many and so interpretations too.

  7. Wonderful incident! A friendly suggestion (you may discard
    if you feel this is rubbish, unfair or hurtful or all of the above.
    It is not intended to be): You are doing wonderful work, so why
    not lose your passive aggressive defensive posture? Our Sastras
    expect people to use their intellect to question everything before
    accepting, so why should your prouncements from your lofty
    perch be any different? Even Krishna said in Gita, Arjuna please consider
    what I have said and then decide your course of action at the end.
    If you notice carefully over the years, it is your personal pronouncements and
    opinions on matters that create differences of opinion in the forum, not Periyavas sayings.
    You seem to react to it by supressing comments (as you did in the Kurai Ondrum Illai post) –
    This is the exact opposite of what Periyava did when he received intense and hateful criticism for Maitreem
    bhajata sung in the UN (personal experiences of devotees that you yourself
    posted recount this in great detail). If this blog is big about following His example we
    would do well to remember this.

    Again intention is not to hurt, tone cannot be conveyed in writing.
    Please pardon me if I have overstepped my limits.

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