Skanda sashti veda Parayanam in adishtanam by Pune Sri Krishnamoorthy Sastrigal

Thanks to Sriram for sharing this info with me. Apparently until last year, Sri Krishnamurthi Sastrigal used to conduct this every year for a long time. Sadly, he passed away few months back and his sishyas are taking over this tradition. We applaud the sishyas to carry the torch forward. It seems that they do not have much information on the usual donors for this event and seeking help from all of us to make this event a grand success.

14 vadhyars will be performing the parayanam including 8 yajur vedam, 2 each from Rig, Samam and Atharva vedam.

I always believe in continuing the tradition in these kind of activities. I request all of you to contact the number in the flier and offer your support in whatever way possible.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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