Kurai Ondrum Illai!

This incident was narrated by a friend who used to be here in Chicago but now relocated to west coast.

In her in-law’s family, they have a custom to go to Perumal temple on all Purattasi Saturdays. Her husband wanted to go to Perumal temple but she wanted to go to Sri Mahaperiyava Temple in Santa Clara. She was adamant and convinced her husband that Periyava and Perumal are the same. He agreed to come finally. When they entered the temple, the song that was going on there was “Kurai Ondrum Illai…govinda…govinda”. She was on tears! True bakthi and Periyava listens to it! How true it is when we surrender to Mahaperiyava where is the need to complain about anything!

Everyone feels Mahaperiyava in their own experiences and these are reassuring that Mahaperiyava is pratyaksham.

Mahaperiyava sharanam!

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  1. I wonder why the reader has hidden the name but commented under Anon.
    Anyway this incident could be one off incident on one Saturday and other Saturdays the daughter in law ( daughter , technically for the family where she got married) could have gone to Perumal Temple with regular devotion. We don’t know that but I would like to give benefit of doubt and presume that it is also possible. Secondly here her Guru Bhakthi takes precedence. As per Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam, importance is given to Saranagati or total surrender to Acharyas. They are Reverred more than Perumal. Any service and devotion shown to Acharyas is more important. So in either case her Guru Bhakthi should be understood in right perspective. I am sure that she commands respect and gets affection in her home where she is married, by the grace of Mahaperiava.. Mahesh of Sage of Kanchi can vouch for that.

  2. Maybe it’s a unique situation but 2 things I noticed which I think is prevalent in my generation too. It is to wrong to say husbands family as her in-laws family . That is wrong. A woman getting married especially arranged marriage means her husbands family is her family. I understand love marriage can be different.

    Second , it may be her Bhakti to Periyava but to insist that everybody in her family follow a new tradition and go to Periyava temple instead of Perumal which is what Husband and his parents have been doing for whatever number of decades is also wrong. Why can’t she see Periyava in Perumal (sarcasm Vishnu Mayam ?

    I don’t think zperiyava would have preached married woman being a thorn to change husband adamantly especially going to Perumal temple on purattasi Saturday’s which is a noble thing to do. This is arrogant selfish woman who thinks she has figured out new eternal dharma

    If that woman want to change customs why usePeriyava name? How is she any different than gawkers on all these tv shows who come up with
    new imaginary experiences with Periyava? It is a different story that he is capable of even turning imaginary experience to real 😎

    • Very true. Dharmapatni arguing with husband itself is AGAINST what mahaperiyava has preached. As per same mahaperiyava surrender to GURU by purusha and surrender to her PURUSHA but stree is root of Hinduism (DEIVATIN KURAL 2volume on gruhasta ashrama) is what shastras enjoin

      • I did not realize that this incident would create a circus here. Maybe they went to Perumal temple later and she did not tell me. I think we need to take the key point here (bakthi). I know this family and they are very much into traditions. I am starting to I am starting to feel a lot of negativity among our readers, which is quite sad.

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