Sri Mahaperiyava Brindavanam / Kanchi Matam (golu) theme in St Louis

While we see many many Mahaperiyava theme in Golu for this Navarathri, for the first time, I saw someone doing a fantastic attempt in replicating Sri Matam. Smt Srividhya Ramesh of St Louis, a staunch Kanchi Matam devotee had done an outstanding job with this theme. Here are some photos and a short video clip too.

After seeing these photos, I showed it to my wife and told “how come we never get these creative ideas?”. These are absolutely creative – not all get it – only a few. I can imaging the time, effort and planning involved in doing this While all are looking great, these are my favorites – (1) Adishtanam/brindavanam (2) backdrop Kanchi Matam photo (3) Periyava Bikshavandhanam.

Very unique – well done Srividhya!

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. We get a chance to visit Golu in person to Vidhya Natarajans home. Awesome, creative and we’ll organized. We could feel the great vibe and blessings of Maha Periyava. Tears rolled over….Jaya Jaya Shankara…We are very blessed for the invite from Vidhya.

  2. Excellent…Mahaperiyava’s blessing. Mahaperiya charanam

  3. How many trips she would have carried all these photos, vigrahams over these years,inspite of weight restrictions in carrying. People staying abroad are overtaking residents of India in showing devotion to Mahaperiava. Either way Mahaperiava will be blessing happily.

  4. Wonderful golu,I simply love it,very thoughtful.

  5. Wonderful.
    No words to describe and praise.
    Great task.

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