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  1. Had been to the venue and found the display so serenely organised and kept up that any casual onlooker would get transformed into an earnest Bhakt of this illustrious Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. As the pictures shown in your blog and also as witnessed by me they are collector’s items. Each Peetadhipathi is painted by the great artist Sri S Rajam brother of Veena S Balachandar. They are authentic, mystic and cryptic. No frills. The care takers show good interest in maintaining the sanctity and purity of the atmosphere. It is a great team effort initiated by Sri Magesh of Ramani’s Hall Nanganallur the place noted for conducting Anusha Pooja each month in a very befiting and sacred manner. HH Mahaperiava’s Divine presence is being felt there in Ramani’s Hall and His blessings pervade in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan Mylapore where the display is going on now.

    • aum very divine one can feels the power and vibrations even though i live in south africa aum

      • Dear Sri Rajan Padiachi,

        Thanks Sir. Your words of feeling show that you have great faith in the Sankarcharyas and are a firm believer of our great culture and traditions. Your roots lie here in this great country Sir although you live abroad. Whenever you visit India, please take time to visit Sri Kanchi Kamaokoti Peetam at Kanchi where two Adhishtansms are vibrant and blissful, blessing the ardent devotees. If possible you can get to have Darshan and Blessings of current Peetadhipathi Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal who shows keen interest for the betterment of Indian people & their surroundings when they live abroad. My email id is jayashankaran7@gmail.com

  2. This blog episode really permeated divinity in to the last cell. Sathakoti dhanyavadam.

  3. யாருக்காவது கூர்ம வடிவில் பீடம் அமைத்திருப்பதன் தாத்பரியம் தெரிந்தால் விளக்கவும். நமது புது ப்பெரியவருக்கு இது போன்ற பீடம் அமைக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறது. ஆனால் மஹா பெரியவருக்கு வைக்கப்படவில்லை.. இதன் காரணம் அல்லது எதாவது மஹத்துவம் இருப்பின் தெரியப்படுத்தவும்.. தெரிந்துகொள்வதற்காகத்தான்

  4. I had seen the pictures of Kanchi Guru Parampara in a calendar of the Mutt many years ago. The present exhibition is good, and its decor is most suitable, conveying the austere atmosphere. I suggest that they bring out a booklet containing this information, so that it is easy to keep.
    I would go a step further, and suggest that the Mutt may think of a permanent display of the pictures of the Guruparampara in a suitable area- need not necessarily be grandiose. The pictures may be accompanied by necessary information. It may contain in addition:
    -references to the Mutt and its Acharyas, including Bhagavadpada , as found in temple inscriptions and carvings in the temples around Kanchi of which we have come to know.
    – It may also contain references to Kamakoti Peetha found in Tamil literature. Over 40 years ago, the Mutt had brought out a booklet in Tamil captioned: “காமகோஷ்டமும் நாயன்மார்களும்”. The material contained in it may be made into posters and displayed.

  5. What a blessing today for having Dharshan of so many Padukas at one place. Thank you Sai.

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