How to celebrate Navarathri?

Thanks to Shree TV for filming this. Big thanks to Mami for explaining this so nicely! Mami rocks!

Let us follow whatever possible.

From the comments I realize that she is none other than one of the Vedic stalwarts Brahmasri Mullaivasal Krishnamoorthy Ganapadigal.

Our namaskaram to mami!

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5 replies

  1. Please pay a visit to her house near Madras Sanskrit College, Mylapore during Navarathri.
    Mami used to keep Golu throughout her house.
    In the hall it is 18 padi golu and at this age she is keeping such a big Golu.
    Some volunteers are helping her every year.
    She gives Thambulam to all those who are visiting to her house.
    Ram Ram

  2. Maha pediyava saranam

    Indeed.Ram Ram Mamis anbukalantha arokiamana vishyam indha Navarathi nearathil


  3. Mami is Mullaivasal Krishnamoorthy Mama’s wife.

  4. This is smt Ram Ram Mami. Amma’s name is Prema Krishnamurthy🙏🙏

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