Experience of Sri T.S. Balakrishna Sastrigal with Mahaperiyava


As part of 100th Jayanthi of Brahmasri TS Balakrishnan, his son Sri Kanthan narrates how Mahaperiyava blessed him to do Hari kathaa and particularly how he stopped him from going to USA. The speech starts at the end of the first video and continues in the 2nd video.

It is wonderful to see Sri Periyava enjoying the speech and blessing the family.

The second video is all about the greatness of Hari Kathaa….

Dont miss!




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  1. sir, I am not seeing the third part which contains Jagadguru’s address. Please upload.

  2. ஸ்ரீ ராம பாதம சிந்தாநிகி ராவே . சரணம் சரணம் ஜானகிராமன் நாகப்பட்டிணம்

  3. Amazing !! My family and I have been humble devotees if Sri TSB – he’s a legend!!! He’s sAkshAth Hari Swaroopam In Kali Yugam!!

  4. Entire video hold me spellbound and speechless. Shaastanga Pranam to Brahmsri Sri T.S. Balakrishna Sastrigal.

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