Voice of Sankara – Digitized!


With  His benign  Blessings, the entire contents of the Journal, VOICE OF SANKARA – 43 Volumes (1975  to 2018) have been uploaded on to the site:


Prof.V. Kamakoti of IIT Chennai and a few other spiritually minded folks are involved in this noble task.

The site is a veritable treasure house of  hymns of AdiSankara on various deities with meaning of verses besides great  articles on Advaita Philosophy by eminent  authors.


As I have many many digitization on Mahaperiyava articles etc, I know how much of a tedious task this is – hats off to the volunteers who made this possible.

Check this out & enjoy!

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  1. website down! please bring it back

  2. Hello Sir,. Due U have the special edition of Voice of Sankara 2007, on Sage of KANCHI.
    PDF verdion if available. Send details to sbalagm@gmail.com please.

  3. Aum Gurubhyo Namaha- Thanks for this priceless treasure of journals, i am in Johannesburg South Africa born and live here , so great to have divine gnanam.

  4. Thank you very much for providing the Advaita center-Voice of Shankara archives web access. Great wealth of knowledge treasure house “Viveka Chudamani” for shredding the Avidya! Jaya Jaya Shankara!!

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a treasure. To be enjoyed and enriched.

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