Hats off to this couple!

From Facebook share by Sri Panchapagesan

Shri N. Manikandan, (TCS) and Mrs Preethi Rajalakshmi (CTS) are protecting four cows and four calves at their residence No 2 6th Street, 1st Cross, Surendra Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai-600088. His mobile number is 7299631590. There are 12 cows and 13 calves at No 6 Shanthi Nagar 7th street Extension, Adambakkam, Chennai-600088. There are 7 dry cows, 7 grown up calves and 3 bulls at Orathy Village near Achirapakkam. He does night duy in TCS and take care of the cows during day time. She works at home and assist him in maintaining the cows. They supply A2 milk, Ghee,Gowmutra, Cow Dung Cake,Vibhthi, Tooth powder, Floor Cleaner, Doop Sticks etc., They also visit nearby villages and encourage villagers to produce the by-products of cow and help them to market the products. I had been to their Goshala on 24/08/2019 and checked up their products. The quality is extremely good. I am now their regular customer. They say that they are spending Rs. 30,000 from their pocket to maintain these cows. I request you all to visit their premises and support them in all respects in protecting our native cows and bulls.

I am happy to see another Cognizant associate rolling up her sleeve to get into action as opposed to being a sideline cheerleader like me!!!

It is incredible to see both of their wavelengths are fully aligned to take up a project like this. I wish them all the best in this noble project and residents in and around should encourage them in every way.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. They are doing a great job. I am really happy to see that they have indigenous cow breeds. Working in night and working in day in Ghosala is very difficult. It is started by couples working in IT industry is laudable. Every one should learn from them. Those who are looking to western culture should learn from them. I am also thinking of to open ghosala. Thank you for inspiration.

  2. Can you provide their contact details.

  3. Hi Preethi,i am sure you recall me;pl call-i lost your number due handset problems

  4. Really great in seeing Mr. Manikandan and madam RajLXmi rearing go Raksha a work tirelessly in Chennai. We salute and extend our best wishes..


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