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  1. Where is this. Address please

  2. I am afraid another cult, hero worship is being added with vigrahas…let’s limit to paaduka puja rather than vigrahaaraadhana to jagatgurus…this won’t stop here…ashtottaram, sahasram would be started to the already existing ritualistic burden

    • Creating ashtothram for guru has been there from time immortal – nothing new. not a cult thing. “ritualistic burden” – until you learn that these are not burdens but essential steps you will find these hard to accept. about vigrahas – true, in those days, we stopped with padhukas and mostly it was due to affordability, technology available to make them. I personally dont find it wrong.

      • We must try to follow their principles & teachings rather than doing abhishekams to their vigrahaas…Already adhishtanam is there in kanchi…The previous achaaryaas like Bodhendraal, Atmabodhendraal, Paramasivendraal have only adhishtanams at Govindapuram, Vadamambalam, Tiruvenkaadu…They appear to sincere devotees and disciples who just rama namam and totakashtakam. Only thing is one need to meditate there with devotion and wavelength should match. We have beautiful adhishtanams in Kalavi.

        If affordability & technology is there, pls try to procure the brahmasutra bhashyam written by Pudu Periyaval ie., ‘gurupriya’ and get them upload here for we advaitins. I would be grateful. Unfortunately, we keep harping on miracles and rituals of how to perform shodashopachara puja to gurus etc.

        Sorry for my curt replies but I consider the guru as a tattva that responds to a sincere request without considering any external paraphernalia and pomp !

        I am not again karma-kanda and I regularly perform sandhya, brahmayajna, devataarchana and svadhyaya of my own veda shaakha (KY.Tai.Sha.).

  3. Dear Mahesh – Thanks for posting this. I think this is the place where most of the articles used by Maha Periyava are kept right ? Could you please give the address of this place ? It is in Tambaram i think but do not recollect exact address. Want to pay a visit the next time i am in chennai.


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