Sri Krishna Jayanthi & this weekend rescue – 8 Cows & 2 Calves Saved

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Over the past couple of weeks, by Periyava’s grace and with all of your support managed to save 8 cows and 2 calves. There were a couple of hard misses too which I’m still trying to come to grips with, but need to live through with the pain. One of my friends asked me what is the criteria I have for Cow rescue. The criteria is very simple as to what our Periyava has told HERE. Old cows, non-milking cows, skinny, sick/injured cows, and male calves. The above mentioned category of cows are certain to end up in wrong hands and our goal should be to save those. Fortunately, the man upstairs is making it happen and we are all playing our parts.

Of these cows saved, six of them are native breed cows from Marakkanam area. These cows are now safely residing in Sri Gokula Krishna Gosala, Devandavakkam. Pictures below. Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Bhanu Hegde, Shri V.G. Jayaraman, Smt. Krishnapriya Krishnamachari, Shri Satheesh Krishnaswamy, Shri Arun Srinivasan Balasubramanian, , Shri Sudarshan Krishnan, Shri Sairam Chandrasekhar, Shri. Giridhar Vijaykumar, Shri Ishwar Viswanathan, Shri Thiagarjan Ramakrishnan, and Shri. Ram Krishnamurthy and Shri. Raghavan for their contributions to this noble cause without which we could not have saved these virtuous lives.

Contribution Info:

Please mention ‘Cow Rescue’ in the subject line and send a note with your name, amount to, for tracking purposes.

For donations in India, here are the details:

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
Bank & Branch: City Union Bank Ltd.Mount Road Branch.Chennai 600006
A/c No 049001000645148
IFSC: CIUB0000049

For contribution in US
 – you can make electronic payment to from your bank via Zelle or QuickPay etc. This is the MOST convenient method for all.


PayPal –


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  1. Gomadhass born in our country irrespective of native or cross breed , we are responsible to save them. Unfortunately, the white revolution program brought in those cows & most of our milk comes from these breeds, therefore most of our families uses /used the milk from Jersey or HF cross breed, therefore we are to take care of their life and if possible to stop further cross breeding.

    This way our future children will have native breed milk as well as desi cows.

  2. Namaste Sai Srinivasan,
    I transferred 130 euros via transfer wise to the given account ( 10,188 rupees) for cow rescue. Is the money lodged to the account?

    Jai sriram

  3. Mr. Sai,
    Do you rescue Jersey cow breeds as well?

    • There is nothing in our country called pure jersey. They are cross breeds. Though priority is to rescue native breed cows if there are cross breed cows that are old, have stopped yielding and are going for slaughter I will save those as well. Rama Rama

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