Ashtasahasra Bikshavandhanam on Sep 7th at Astheega Samajam Camp

On behalf of ashta-sahasra Bikshavandhanam group, I am pleased to share about tomorrow’s event. Please attend.


Dear Members,
We shall be performing our next Chathurmasya Bikshavandanam with the blessings of Sri Periyava on Saturday the 7th September at the Sree Mutt Camp :Aastheega Samajam,  No 2  Venus  Colony,  First Street,  Alwarpet,  Chennai 600018
The members are requested to assemble at the Venue at 8.30 am.
Our Trust function at the Sree  Mutt Camp at Aastheega samajam  , Chennai on September  7th, 2019
Sri Periyava  has now confirmed that the afternoon  function  to honor Sri Ganesa Sarma & Anugrahabashanam  by Sri Periyava can start  from 3.30pm . Hence we request the members to stay back after the puja  & lunch  at the venue to participate in the afternoon function also in large nos
All Ashtasahasra Bandhus, who are yet to enroll in this trust, can become members during this function, as Mahaperiyava has insisted to enroll 8006 members. Pl contact Sri Sriram Sivaraman at 98451 57112 if you need more info.

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  1. Mr. Narayana refers to Vathima group and not Ashtasahasra members.

    • Yes Kozhinchivady Savithri Mami is doing a yeoman service throughout the year and especially does major part of the arrangements for two Ashtasahasra bikshavandanams. One during chathurmasyam and the second one on Sri Seshadri swamigal Jayanthi. Sri Mahaperiyava has personally told Mami”s husband to form this trust and asked to enroll 8006 members as Ashtasahasram subsect is referred in Tamil as ENNAAYIRAM.

  2. We offered bikshavandanam on 13th AUg. That day a group called “Vathima group” were main people. Sorry to say, what i witnessed were FULL OF COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS. From the person who conducted Paada puja to those who did sankalpam and assorted persons. The atmosphere was energised by Thirupugazh bajan group was the positive. Otherwise, one has to involke one’s own internal energy and STRUGGLE HARD to remain spiritual inside us. Of course i took it that these are GOD’s ways to test our tolerance, acceptane of what unfolds before us with a witnessing mind than judgemental mind, remain calm in adversaties. A maami (looking so self entitled) took away 90% of the time with पीठाधिपती bala peeriyavaa. Rest 105 taken away by VIPs No chance to any one else even to go near him to even offer namaskarams. We do not need an MBA to organise events but people with TRUE COMPASSION and inner spirituality with surrender mind. For the first time in my life, i realised that it would have been better if the mutt had also issued Rs.1000, Rs.500, Rs.300, Rs.50 tickets That would have been far less commercial transactions because it gives equal opportunity for any one who can pay. MY APOLOGIES FOR HURTING SENTIMENTS. Probably, the 13th AUg was an EXCEPTION than the rule and other days things are better. It is a pity a retinue near a Spiritual head degrade the whole institution.

    • The mami who does.many ashtasahasra membership is an old person in madisar simple. I also know that other office bearers are very simple too. I can’t predict how this would be in reality.


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