Outstanding debate by a teenager with stalwarts

Thanks to Professor for sharing this video.

An absolutely brilliant debate – Vakyartha sadas – (in sanskrit) with a young Madwa scholar talking about Dvaitha in front of 4 giants of Advaitha school. The young vidwan’s arguments are based on Nyayamrutham by Sri Vyasaraya. This incredibly nurturing culture by opposing schools of philosophy represents the essence of our Dharma. The giant, Bramhasri Mani Dravid, is sitting second from the left on the dias.

The beauty of any sadas is not to prove who is right or wrong. This fearless young scholar is taking the inputs from the great scholars and incorporating in his reply to complete his view point. Apart from the young scholar’s erudition, what is great to watch is how the senior scholar’s take him seriously and also encourage him. This is our tradition!

After seeing this video, we all feel like toddlers!

May Mahaperiyava bless this child with everything!

Our namaskaram to this scholar and other giants on the stage!

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  1. Shri Gurubhyo Namaha!

  2. I am of the same as view as Sri MVG Shankar. Too curious to understand what might have transcribed between these Pandits.

  3. Feels like Adi Sankara Bhagavatpaada Himself has now reincarnated as this genius boy !

  4. Laudabe debate of this young Pundit filled with humility, knowledge, wisdom, fluency and confidence. Guru Maha Periyavaa, Saraswathi Devi paripoorna kadaksham sidhirasthu..

  5. विद्वान् – श्री. देवदत्त पाटील; श्री. मणिद्रविडशास्त्री ; श्री. गोपालकृष्णशात्री; श्री. राजाराम शुक्ल ; श्री. वे. कुटुम्बशास्त्री

  6. Jai MA


    Not necesarily viruddha bhava : satya-asatya : if “svalpArthe ~n” is siddha, a-satya means svalpa-satya, svalpatva condition of satya, not viruddha of satya. Then?


  7. Wish they had English subtitles.

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