What is not possible with Periyava’s bakthi?

Last week, I got a call from someone while I was driving to work. She wanted to know the address of Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation address and mode of payment as she wanted to donate for gho-rakshanam. I gave all her details. Slowly she narrated me the story behind that donation.

She is currently residing in US – somewhere in PA. She is married and has a child. Due to commitments at home due to small child, she wasn’t able to take up any job although she is qualified etc. To her, Periyava is everything. She prayed to Mahaperiyava to help her get a part time job where the timing would work so that it wouldn’t affect taking care of the child.

Within few days/weeks, out of nowhere, she was called by a local college for a part time teaching opportunity where the timing perfectly fits to whatever she was asking for! She is so happy that her prayers were answered. She said that she is giving 50% to gho-rakshanam and 50% to NJ Manimandapam project. I suggested her not to give away everything and it is alright to give some small portion to us. She insisted that her prayer is that she would entire salary to Periyava and she didn’t want to go back on her words!

What more proof that we need that we would everything from Mahaperiyava if our bakthi is real and true.

I told this incident to my family also on how many staunch devotees are around and the need to improve our bakthi.

Mahaperiyava padhame sharanam!


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  1. Dear Periyava Devotee and Anon,

    Please recite this slogam daily … https://mahaperiyavaa.blog/2012/09/04/sadguru-aksharapamalai-composed-by-shri-venkatesan/

    Periyava has promised his devotee that whoever recite this, Periyava will come there and bless them.

    Maha Periyava saranam

  2. Mahaperiyava Saranam! What a devotion! Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara! I need to learn everything from such devotees.

  3. Enchanted by the experiences of the Devotees of MAHA PERIYAVA. We have done & still continue to do many prayers for the Marriage of our Daughter, We pray to MAHA PERIYAVA daily for our daughter to have a Good Boy for her Happy Married Life. We don`t know anything we should do further regarding poojas or donations for our daughater`s marriage soon. We are eagerly waiting for MAHAPERIYAVA`S BLEESING on US soon. JAYA JAYA SANKARA, HARA HARA SANKARA.

  4. A little bit of wealth is needed for us to focus on spiritual path. For a hungry stomach, it is hard to devote time on reciting mantras or thinking of Godhood. But once settled in life with a decent job, we can surrender ourselves to God. And Maha Periyava is the God who walked the Earth and breathed air with divine tenderness. Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara, Kanchi Sankara, Kamakoti Sankara

  5. After reading this, I need to reanalyze my Bhakti(?) on Maha Periva Mahesh Garu. I look very small in front of such Bhaktas. Maha Periva should refine me more and more! I am ashamed!

  6. the more I read these the more I realize I have lost my way with Periyava. That blind faith , that sharanagathi is no longer in me. I vividly remember being elated to read anything about Periyava like new born calf searching for its mother. Does anybody else feel that way after years of reading about Periyava?

    • Anon, I am a new devotee and therefore haven’t experienced what you have yet. But perhaps you have reached a stage in your life where, by the Grace of Mahaperiyava, you have attained success, and are not afflicted by problems? When that happens, it is easy to keep drifting on without feeling the need to reach out to Him. We are human after all. You can revive your “elation” by promising to give a hundred and eight hours of your time to a charity of your choice, or give the money that you earn from working that much time, etc. When you give, you will find the spark again.

      • If any of us have reached a stage that we are not affected by worldly problems, then we wouldnt be here in the blog, right? We all are sailing in the same boat. We are only aspiring to get to a level where we stay fearless regardless of the problems we face with the strong faith in mahans like Mahaperiyava. It is easier to write but hard to practice. As we read these incidents, it only reestablishes the fact that anything is possible with pure bakthi and the need to improve them.

      • Gayatrii Madam – you bring a good point. Is it elation that we are seeking while reading these ? Because we no longer same feeling that we originally had , what does that mean. I used to enjoy and cry reading these stories many many times. I have been left spellbound by why He would do these things. He doesn’t need anything from us. His boundless grace it was pure joy. Absolute joy. I still have hard time describing those. Some time back one of Swamy’s devotee wrote that we are all Gopikas yearning for Our Swamy. It is true and still true. Many of us can relate to this incident described in this article because we all have experienced similar incidents in our lives. It is shame that I am not sitting more ,just silently thinking and experiencing His greatness instead of chasing absolutely mundane useless stuff that leave ash taste in my mind

        My apologies for ranting

    • Anon,I hear you . I am lost on the same boat. I have been following youtube periyava puranam / experience videos and reading blogs for the last 7/8 years which made me gravitate towards periyava a lot . Since last year I was blessed to have association with periayava satsangs and have been attending anusham bhajans everymonth. During the course of this one year I felt periayava blessed me abundantly in many ways ( Out of nowhere I had the oppourtunity of doing poojai to periayava padhukai , I was given a small piece of periayava koupinam, Guru poojai for 9 weeks etc … all this happened in the last one year) . I felt abundantly blessed by periyava . However last three months, I feel so distant to periyava and my bhakthi seems to have diminished a lot. This makes me feel unanchored and directionless. There is no particular reason for this drift to happen, it has happened organically over the last 3 months. I feel the same ( calf searching for its mother). I do hope HE shows us our way back to HIM. Happy to get some advice from others in this group.

  7. Apara Karuna Sindum gynadham shantha roopinam sri Chandrasekara gurum pranamami mudhanvaham. Janakiraman. Nagapattinan

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