Guru Bakthi – Iswara Anugraham by Chicago Abhinav

Today, Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago (a.k.a Lemont Rama Temple) had kumbabhishekam for Ganapathi, Siva, Ambal &  Durga sannidhis – part of the main temple. While swami alankaram was going on, our favorite Abhinav was asked to speak. He has already done a kathakalakshepam on Muruga few months back. I was sitting along with 100s of devotees in the temple and he completely stole the show and all our hearts. At this young age, the ability to quote Adi Sankara’s Vivekachudamani and other great works is simply terrific! Hats off to him, his parents and his thatha Sri Bharani Mani mama for mentoring and encouraging him along with Kanchi Acharyas’ anugraham!

Great job Abhinav!



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  1. Blessed boy! Thanks for sharing.

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