Gho-rakshana scheme in U.P

Thanks to Sri Ganapathisubramanian for the FB Share.

I hope a similar scheme is implemented in TN also to end the misery of sending cows to slaughterhouses.

For non-tamil readers – UP govt has announced a Rs 110 crore scheme to take care of stray cows and also a daily allowance of Rs 30 for those who wants to own cattle. CM Adityanath launched this scheme few days back in Lucknow.

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  1. I too agree that this is going to be a total waste of tax payers money. Most of the cattle that freely roam on the streets are not really “homeless”. Their owners let them roam deliberately and allow them to eat whatever junk they can eat to sustain- so that they don’t have to spend money on their maintenance while they collect whatever they can get from their cows- milk , cow dung…., finally even the money from selling it to the slaughterhouse..
    It is comical to read that each collector will have a committee that will look after the welfare of these roadside animals… When the Government tries to “catch” these cows and redistribute it, they will realize the futility.. Either the “owners” will protest or the cows will be back again on the streets in no time.Better alternative will be to start punishing the people who let their animals roam the street freely…

    • Point is clear – without government support, you can’t save all cows that are slaughtered. I dont have the specifics of the details in which this scheme will be implemented. IF you take this blog as an example, with all your support we are able to rescue more cows but that is not even .0001% of what is been sent to slaughterhouses. So, if your goal is that we save 100 cows and we can be happy about it, sure, we can mock at all these programs. If we want to save all cows, then we need massive support – only government can do this or we must accept that slaughtering is part of the life and dont crib about it.

  2. Any scheme which depends upon the govt for financial support , and which will be overseen by the bureaucracy will degenerate into a programme for sucking people’s money by resorting to devious practices. Unlike in the olden days when a sense of Dharma ruled the rulers, the government in the present day are run by cheap politicians. Besides, the governments also change periodically, Even the same party changes Chief Ministers and all of them need not follow or honour or continue the schemes of the previous incumbent.
    Hindus are so pathetic in their general approach that they easily succumb to the temptations of government financial assistance. Once they accept the bait, they become slaves of the government.
    We know what is happening to our temples under government administration. In the name of cow protection, politicians will siphon off public funds.
    Government must provide a secure legal frame work for cow protection, It is for the people to work out and manage appropriate schemes.

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