Vaarannam & Panchanga mahima by Mahaperiyava

As Periyava devotees, instead of trying to do lot of things that are out of our reach, why can’t we follow some of His simple advices? For instance, reading daily panchangam  – Periyava clearly mentions the benefits of reading this. I know that in most of the WhatsApp groups, someone posts daily panchangam that says today’s thithi, nakshatram, Ritu, yogam etc. If you are an android user, download an app called “Daily Panchangam” from ( I use this app daily. Use it for your Nithya puja (if you do) for sankalpam. If you don’t do Nithya puja, start one from tomorrow! There is no excuse for not doing one. This doesn’t have to be elaborate running for hours and it could be a quick 10 Mts puja – do it with sankalpam, do ashtotram and offer neivedihyam.

For prasadams, the list is simple for most part except chakarai pongal and wheat halwa etc. It is ok to skip them if they are difficult – at least we can do the rest.

For non-Tamil readers – Periyava had told few daily things to do too Brahmasri Vedapuri mama. This was taken from Dr Shyamala’s book but the source is from Smt Revathi Mami’s book.

Daily Neiveidhyam 

  • Sunday – Wheat Halwa – for Surya
  • Monday – Ksheera (Milk) Annam – for Shiva
  • Tuesday – Tamarind Rice – for Ambal
  • Wednesday – Pongal – for Vishnu
  • Thursday – Curd Rice – for Guru
  • Friday – Chakarai Pongal – for Ambal
  • Saturday – Sesame Rice – for Sani Bagawan

Benefits of reading daily panchangam:

(When you do proper sankalpam or read daily panchangam, you will have to read each for every day)

  • thithi – for aishwaryam
  • Vaaram – for long life
  • nakshathram – for removing sins
  • yogam – for removing health issues
  • karanam – Kaarya Siddhi

This reading of daily panchangam takes under a minute!

Deivathin kural has everything. I am sharing whatever I read. You all watch interviews where devotees have shared what they learnt from Him. This is enough for our lifetime to follow. Instead of wasting time going around the world to explore new roads, let us start to walk on the road laid out by our acharyas – that will help us to get moksha. That is the easiest way to be their real devotees.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. Drug panchangam is also available in panchangam can be added to google calendar. VDSP Sabha was started under the directions of Sri Sri Mahaperiyava.

  2. A good start point for knowing the panchngam( or reading the panchangam) will be to start with the following: 1. To know the names of 60 years(Starting Prabhava…ending Akshaya), 2. The two Ayanams, 3. Six Rithus 4.Twelve Months, 5. Two Pakshams and then the 5 details (Panchangam)of the day.

    Apart from the above, a standard panchangam provides daytime (Agas)length, sunrise time at a particular location, the movement details of various planets on a daily basis, Grahanam (eclipses that occur) etc.

    A panchangam is no less than(in fact to be valued more than) any other scientific book of tables. Like any other subject a small dedication and interest are essential.
    A scientific table (say clark’s table, steam table etc) gives only details that meets our eyes (Dhrishya). Panchangam provides Drishya as well as Adhrishya details.
    Periyava Charanam

  3. For Tamil readers, I suggest Lifco’s “Kutumba Jothidam” book for learning some basics of astrology. This book gives a good idea on the “Pancha” “Angam” of a day. Thithi, Varam, Nakshatram, Yogam and Karanam. @ramanitq: In the regular panchangam, they do mention karanam but one should learn to find out. They don’t make clear remarks as Karanam, yogam etc. Please do remember that Amrita, Siddha and Marana yogam are not the same yogam which is a part of the pancha angas. Please read the suggested book or other good sources to know about panchangam.
    As told by Periyava: one should learn to read panchangam, by reading panchangam, half the maths anushtanams are done.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  4. Thank you very much Sir.Kindly let me know where in the “Panchangam” “Karanam” is mentioned.Regards,Venkatramani BangaloreSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  5. We are overwhelmed by your e mail. I can clearly see the making of a sastrigal in You sir. May Goddess Saraswathi show you the way to become a Veda pandit in this very life. We have taken your mail with all sincerity
    Pranams to Mahaperiava

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