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Thanks to Sri Govind Prabhas for this fantastic video!

Please spend just 4 minutes to watch this video even if we are not able to understand which part of veda he is chanting. This is just a mesmerizing video. He is not more than 10 years old, I would guess – the age any kid would cuddle with his mom and get pampered by dad etc. This vidyarthi (dont know from which patasala) would be awake around 5 AM or so and start his day and lives with his guru and treat him as his father/mother etc. Look at the perfection in rendering and imagine how much practice would have gone behind this. Imagine the sacrifice his parents have done to send him to patasala instead of keeping him at home. All because of what Mahaperiyava said “give one from each family to veda”.  I remember Brahmasri Gopala ghanapadigal telling us in an interview during our Kailash yatra that Mahapieryava did a pradakshinam of vidyarthis when he was one of them. That is the level of respect our acharyas give to vidhyarthis.

Don’t we want this kid to be successful both in veda and in worldly affairs as much we want our children to be successful? I want to support a vidyarthi like him for his education as much as possible – we all should. This is where Sri (Bala) Periyava has been working hard to customize the education for these children that would make them successful on both vedic and non-vedic education. I will share more on this topic. I am waiting for certain proof-reading on my content before I post here.

Our namaskaram to this young (talented) vidyarthi, his guru and his parents and pray our acharyas to bless him with all success.

I am so tempted to bring another topic related to this. Look at the effort he takes – bringing the sound all the way from his nabhi etc. This is not recommended for women. So, those women who feel “discriminated” against learning vedas should read deivathin kural on Periyava’s view on how this could affect the uterus etc. So there is no discrimination – it is for all women health. There is no system in the world other than our sanatana dharma that worships women!

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  1. Blessed child Prabhas 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Yes..there are number of veda patasalas on Gurukulam system having the provision for taking up the modern education systems also.. Apart from this patasalas run by our matam in various locations also render similar services.. what we need is a cohesive and sustained actions for growth of students strength

  3. Dear all,

    Thanks for all wonderful blessings and plan for this kid future. Let me tell you all in detail about this patashala and viduarthi. This kid is from Bangalore karanataka India. His name is Prabhasa Sharma son of Sri Govinda Sharma who is running the patashala from last 6 years at his home. This kid is just 8 years old now and learning Veda from his father himself.
    Currently Sri Govinda Sharma who teaching Veda and Samskruta to 10 people at home. All kids are below 15 years and most of them r below 10 years.
    His wife smt. Suma who takes care of all kids just like her own kids. Who feeds 3 times food,and milk, fruits and other requirements.
    Sri Govinda Sharma teaches Krishna Yujurveda and Samskruta to kids. The day starts by early 5.30 am to junior kids and by 5am to senior students. 3 times Sandhyavandana, two times agnikaryam followed by Samskruta class and sloka and Maha priyava bajans.
    The name of this patashala is Sri Gauthama Veda Samskruta Patashala.
    I’m a volunteer here who takes part in day to day administration.
    Thanks for all your kind words and support to veda rakshana.
    May Maha periyava bless you all.

  4. Thank you so much Sri Mahesh for posting this. Let us create a Corpus for this Child so that it comes-in handy for him when he emerges a Ganapatigal and is about to enter Grihastaashramam — that should at least provide him a spacious house in a village and a couple of cows with a handsome cash on hand.

    It reminds me of my own boys whom I got them enrolled in a Patasala as a 7 and 8 year olds soon after their Upanayanam in 1989. Unfortunately, I pulled them out after a year as I was discouraged by everyone around. I was only a Stenographer who had poverty as his childhood companion and no property whatsoever to serve as a backup for my boys. Well. It was neither in my destiny nor in theirs to pursue Vedic education.

    Perhaps the foundation that my boys had in a Veda Patasala in this birth should carry them forward in their next.

    • I can feel for and with you. I wanted my children too to learn Veda in the late 70s. This was based on the inspiration of Mahaperiyava’s Madras discourses of 1957. I approached late Sri Annadurai Iyengar of Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust when he had visited Gujarat (Surat and Ahmedabad). He said that suitability for Vedic studies could be ascertained only after reading the horoscope! This was a shock to me. What I felt was that they were at that time rather concentrating on families of traditional Vedic pundits, and were perhaps not so enthusiastic about getting others. My subsequent transfers in the North did not give me the opportunity to pursue the matter further. But I found a teacher later in Bangalore who could teach them at least some of the Suktas.To this extent I feel blessed. Now there are many teachers with a liberal outlook who teach Veda to various age groups.
      I feel that our youngsters should have opportunities to learn at least some part or portion for some time- even if they do not master the whole portion. What they learn will work on their psyche and prepare them for greater things in the future. It is a good sign that classes are now conducted even for elders in Chennai. We would be able to learn at least the important Suktas, Shanti Mantras, Sri Rudram etc which can be used in our daily puja and parayana.

  5. This is no doubt a beautiful video. It is very impressive that a young Vidyarthi is rendering the Veda so well, in the required manner. From the facial features, this boy seems to be from Kerala.
    While we admire this video, this also triggers some serious concerns.
    1.We read from our religious literature, especially biographies of persons who became saints and sages later, that they mastered the Veda and allied sastras very early, by the time they were 10 0r 12. This is not merely due to talent or genius but poorva janma samkaras.
    2. That some sounds are produced from the Nabhi is standard knowledge. Vedic Samskrt is not classical or kavya Sanskrit, but far superior to it, in fact of an altogether different, higher class. Complete or perfect speech (Vak) consists of four stages: para, pashyanti, madhyama, vaikhari. Only Vedic Samskrit, especially its Mantras (Rks) represent this complete state.. That is why in the most ancient Tamil Grammar work- Tholkappiam- its author Tholkappiar says that –
    “the most perfect speech which emanates from the internal parts (organs) of the body is known only to the grammar works of Vedic Brahmins. So I am not covering it here; I am only talking about words which arise from the mouth.”
    “உள்ளே உறுப்புக்களில் தங்கிச் சுழன்று எழும் ஓசைக் காற்றுக்கு அளபு கூறுதல் அந்தணர் இலக்கண நூல்களில் காணப்படும். அதனை இங்கு கூறாது வாயிலிருந்து வெளிவரும் ஓசைக்குரிய மாத்திரையை மட்டும் கூறியுள்ளேன்.” (Paraphrase of the original verse by Dr.S.V. Subramanian)
    This fact is also well known in the circles of our Classical music so that Sri Tyagaraja Swami says about the origin of Nadha: Nabhi hrut kantha rasana. நாபி ஹ்ருத் கண்ட ரஸனா(Sobillu saptaswara).
    This really explains the fundamental difference between Samskrt and other spoken Indian languages which are Prakrit. This also explains why Samskrt is not a spoken language, except among learned pundits.
    This is also the reason why mantras are invariably in Samskrit. About this too, Tholkappiar says that Mantras originate in the perfect Vak of inspired Rishis:
    நிறை மொழி மாந்தர் ஆணையிற் கிளர்ந்த
    மறைமொழி தானே மந்திரம் என்ப.
    3.It is necessary that our Vedic scholars should also be well versed in English and other modern European languages so as to be able to express the Vedic thoughts well, without distortion. Only in this way can they correct the falsehoods that have been and still are being spread about the Veda by Westerners and their Indian followers. But this study of English and other non-Indian languages can wait. Since the structure, nature and purpose of these languages are totally different from Vedic Samskrt, combining them with Vedic studies would seriously interfere with the intensity of Vedic studies. The Indian languages are allied to Sanskrit in various degrees- it is perfectly possible to write Sanskrit in all Indian lipis other than Devanagari; Tamil alone requires the aid of Grantham to represent some sounds. But it is impossible to reproduce complete Sanskrit sounds in English or any European language, So a serious student of the Veda should first concentrate exclusively on Vedic studies for at least 12 years as required. Thereafter, he can master English in just two years. [ Every language brings with it its own cultural and emotional ethos; it is necessary that young Vedic students should not be subject to alien cultural or emotional influences or pressure during Vedic studies.]
    4. Such videos of young Vidyarthis are interesting and pleasing. But is it desirable to expose these youngsters to such media so early? I have my doubts. They are our great treasure to be guarded carefully. Those interested may visit some Pathasalas nearby and observe how they function. This would work both as encouragement and a sort of informal social audit. But why should we focus media attention on such sensitive youngsters? Would we expose our most precious gems to indiscriminate public gaze? Let us reflect a bit.

  6. May ummachi thatha bless u LADDU(prabha’s) , this’s the best Birthday Gift (Advance August1st) ) from ummachi thatha … wishes to his Father who is also his Guru 🙏

  7. Namaskarams to this vidharthi. Really wonderful video, thank you for sharing.

  8. May Periava bless this child (He is already blessed) more and give him and his parents and Guru all the health and long life. Beautiful child.

  9. No words to say !! I feel like a peck of dust before this young vidyarthi.
    No wonder India still gets rains because of these selfless vidyarthi’s. What a great sacrifice!
    anneka koti namaskarams to all our periyava’s and this young vidyarthi too.

  10. No words to say. Anneka koti namaskarams to our mahaperiyava, pudu periyava and bala periyava. Anneka koti namaskarams to this little vidyarthi. I feel like a peck of dust before this little
    boy. What a great sacrifice indeed!!! No wonder India still gets rains because of these selfless vidyarthi’s.

  11. Yes, respects to the very talented and young Vidyarthi. I read in Facebook that there’re Patashalaas where only vedam/s are taught but their daily schedule starts at 5 am and goes on till 8.30/9 pm with hardly two hour break for meals and recreation. Tough going. If there can ba curriculum blending Vedas and also modern educational subjects, it’ll be great and i think most of us will support it liberally.

    • There are. Pl wait more updates on this.

    • @MVG Shankar:

      You opined that a curriculum blending Vedas with modern educational system. The very sacredness of Veda Adyayanam and Parayanam will definitely deteriorated with modern educational system. Introducing Internet and other so called modern technological developments will do spoil sport. These things will deviate their focus from main study of Veda Adyayanam, don’t you thinik that?

      Further, these things defenitely they will anyway learn when they complete their Veda study and lead a normal life. If you are, perhaps talking about general modern studies like English and Maths, again that is not necessary for them as they deal with Vaitheekam day to day basis, don’t think how it will help them.

      Some may, may be you are thinking that I am against their development of learning the modern educational subjects. Please understand Army and Police are need to be in uniform only to make public aware that they are that, not to show their power and .supermacy. Every profession and service has its own way of display and responsibility, so are the Vedas too. They are not isolated but they are remaining seperate from the crowd for the purpose of public.

      Vedas are sacred and the people who study are sacred. Let it be like that. Let’s not finger in. Any real support to these people is not finance alone but not disturbing their way of study with modern educational system in the name of ‘blending’.

      Hope you understand me and believe that I did not hurt in any manner, if so, please accept my sincere apology!

      • You have a point there Balaji-ji. It would definitely plant the seeds of the temptation of the other side of loukeekam. The purity of purpose would be lost. In my humble opinion the vaideeka way of life should not be diluted. I think the boys should be given a strong grounding in Sanskrit, their mother tongue. That should suffice.

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