Mahaperiyava’s speech from 1932

Thanks to Sri Vinayak Sreenivasan for this wonderful share. It is always lovely to see and read a very old book and that too on Periyava’s speech. I looked into this blog and there is already a similar book shared from 1932 speech but on different topic.

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  1. This is an important book. Mahaperiyava’s 1932 Madras discourses were brought out by Kamakoti Koshasthanam in four volumes more than 50 years ago. I bought them in 1973. They have not been available thereafter.
    Kalaimagal Karyalayam had brought out a volume of these discourses in 1933. They have not been available for many years thereafter. They brought out a new edition in 2015. But they had edited the language and changed the words of Mahaperiyava. The excuse given is that Mahaperiyava’s language cannot be understood now. This is both silly and sacrilegious ; this is like changing the words of Veda or Upanishad because people cannot follow them. If the present generation cannot follow that language, the solution is to provide explanatory notes and bring out an annotated edition, and not o interfere with the sacred language of Mahaperiyava. I am happy that the original edition is provided here.

    Kalaimagal Karyalayam has also brought out the 1957 Chennai discourses of Mhaperiyava. This is better. Mahaperiyva’s language itself had got simpler in the intervening quarter century. No one can say this cannot be followed.
    The effect of modern education is terrible ; youngsters from even orthodox circles cannot follow religious matters if stated in astika language. Our religious literature like Bhagavatam and Ramayana are translated in ‘secular’ language as if they are mere literary works. The religious flavour is missing. We should not succumb to this trend and make special efforts to keep our astika expressions alive both in writing and conversation.

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