Few photos from Sri Vadakkunathar Temple Jataparayanam

Thanks to Auditor Sri Chandramouli for the share.

With Sri Kanchi Acharyas’ and Sri Sadguru Sri Sivan Sir’s bountiful blessings, rigvedam jata parayanam for 18 days started with Shiva Kripai today at Sri vadakanatha swami temple trichur. On Divine instructions from Sri Periyava, Prof. Ramachandran is conducting this Rig Vedhic Jata parayanam, in the very Kshetram where Sri Adi Shankara’s parents did thapas to get Him as their child. It’s a blessing it’s coinciding with Maha ganapathi Pooja 10008 ganapathi homama and 75 elephants feeding today. Sri Mahaperyva has mentioned lot about Sri vadakanatha r swami and the significance and efficacy of the gritham (ghee) on the swami, no one knows how the swami will be.

Devotees in and around Trichur should do their best to attend at least some portion of the event!

Om Nama Shivaya!



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  1. chandrasekaran anna,
    contact number,person details of “podu annadhanam”

  2. Why there is no post in sage of Kanchi for past few days I start my daily chores only after reading this

  3. This is regarding Chidambaram Annadanam. Another Podu Deekshitar Annadanam is being offered for the oast one year and more within temple premises, near east gopuram. Sri Navamani Deekshitar, Assistant Secretary of Podu Deekshitars Managing Committee is coordinating. Interested individuals may support this.

  4. Please give the bank a/c details. I will contribute my mite.

  5. respected Mahesh anna-rig veda Jata Parayanam at Vadakkunathar temple-please guide with bank account details.

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