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In my recent trip to Kamakshi temple, I was talking to Sri Suresh Sthanikar, who is also from Guhanandha Mandali on various topics and one topic was about Chandana Seva. This was already told to me by Sri Subbu of AZ. Sri Suresh was telling me the difficulties in getting chandanam and also getting sponsors regularly.  Sri Subbu coordinates with interested folks and Suresh.

The following text is from Sri Kamakoti Mandali.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Sri Suresh at ‭+91 97915 45422‬ on how to participate. If you are in US, please contact Sri Subbu at

Om Sri Matrey Namaha!

The worship of Sri Kamakshi is based on the secret manual – Saubhagya Chintamani Kalpa – specially authored by Krodha Bhattaraka Sri Durvasa. This work speaks of the Mahatmya of Nitya Puja to Sri Kamakshi and the special Chandana Abhisheka performed to Amba. By merely seeing the Chandana Abhisheka to Amba, one is washed of all sins and attains Bhoga and Moksha (Saubhagya Chintamani).

The Chandana Abhisheka to Amba and Maha Srichakra was performed judiciously for years by Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal of Guhananda Mandali, also the Srividya Sthanigar and hereditary Mirasdar of the Temple. The cost of Chandanam required to perform Abhishekam for the full month comes to about Rs. 3 Lakhs/month. Per day, it seems 1/2 kg which translates to 15 kgs/month. Each kg costs Rs 20,000.  The quality fo the sandal powder from the market seems to be very poor in quality and Sri Suresh is working hard to get high quality sandhanam via logs.

Please note that I have updated this post based on my conversation with Sri Subbu. He runs a WhatsApp group for this and he will include those who are interested in this Seva.

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  1. Kindly email your phone number to me at, so I can add you to group and provide details. Thank.

  2. Please email your phone number to my email at, so I can add you to group and provide details. Thanks.

  3. You can email your phone number to my email at, so I can add you to group and provide details.

  4. This is Subbu. You can email me your phone number to

  5. Could you please give the contact details of Mr Suresh/ Subbu? Thanks

  6. Mahesh,
    I am interested in contributing for the Chandana Seva too.


  7. I am a resident of Chennai. Kindly let me know whom to contact there. I am presently in US and would be back at Chennai mid- August. I will try to contact some of my close relatives, all Devotees of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and our Aacharyal. Bhagavath Krupaa, Aachaayaal Anugraham.

  8. hi, I would like to sponsor Chandana Seva.

  9. I am interested in participating in the Chandana Seva to Ambal. Pls let me know. Thank u for giving us this opportunity 🙏

  10. I am in US and willing to contribute for Chandana Seva. Somehow I get stuck up with ambal’s name in Lalita sahasranamam… chandana drava digdhangi…
    Pl. provide me the opportunity…

  11. நமஸ்காரம் , இதில் பங்கு கொள்ள யாரை அனுக வேண்டும் . நான் கலந்து கொள்கிறேன்.🙏

  12. I would like to sponsor. I live in Bangalore. Can you please share the contacts of Sri Kamakoti Mandali,


  13. நமஸ்காரம் , இதில் பங்கு கொள்ள யாரை அனுக வேண்டும் . நான் கலந்து கொள்கிறேன்.🙏

  14. Thank you for the information
    Please let Subbu know that I am interested
    in this divine Seva

  15. Please give the contact details to do this seva thank you

  16. I will consider myself Blessed if I get an opportunity to sponsor a day’s Chandana Abhishekam to Sri Amba. If you can ask the Mandali to provide their Banking details or give an online link into which we can directly book an available date by paying the amount it would be great. I am sure thousands would be willing to contribute Rs.3,000/- and Amba will not have to go without it even for a day. Thanking you.

  17. Just curious , isn’t the Kamakshi temple under Sri Madams management? Is Sri madam under distress that they are finding difficult to pay for this?

    If that’s the case shouldn’t we be organizing something to shore up Sri madam?

    Any thoughts please let us know

    • Anon – pl click the link for the Mandali and get this point clarified.

    • Sri Madam is not under any “distress”. The temple does not accept money for chandana seva from anyone. If they were ready to do so, there are many wealthy people who would queue up to sponsor.

      As mentioned by Mahesh, this seva has a special place in Soubhagya Chintamani kalpa and so, they only accept money from Devi upasakas and the ones chosen by Devi.

      If you are interested in doi g the Chandana seva, you can email me your phone number at

  18. I am interested in Chandhana Seva to Sri Kamakshi Amman

  19. Dear Mahesh , could you please give the contact details of Sri Kamakoti Suresh Shastrigal ? Thanks.

  20. I’m interested in the Chandana seva to Kamakshi Ambal.

  21. We sponsored and watched the chandana abhishekam during our visit in april. It was a scintillating experience. Gopi Krishna sastri did the abhishekam. Am interested in learning more from sri Subbu

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